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What's On The Menu?


I’ve long believed that dogs do best on the diet they’re used to – that’s why visiting dogs at the House of Mutt arrive armed with bags of their normal food and strict instructions on when, how much and how they should be fed.  This does make life quite complicated for us but blackboards, lists, labels and practice make the job doable and I think it’s worth it. 

Hector, however, may disagree.

His is a fairly standard muesli-based meal, sloshed with hot water and occasionally stirred. But others arrive with much more delectable fayre – and he has to watch as they munch, slobber and lick their gravy-filled, meaty menus and really rather delicious looking vegetable hotpots.

Most look and smell pretty damn good.  The world of dog food seems to have exploded of late and there’s a mass of brands, varieties, menus and mixtures out there to choose from – most of which look a great deal more appetising than much of the menu at the local take-away.  Lily’s Kitchen crops up a lot, as does Caesar and the wholesome-looking Science Diet and Orijen biscuits.

But there’s a diet going down at the moment here at the House of Mutt which really, really, really causes Hector to look askance at his muesli.  It’s from Raw To Go and is the special diet of a very much loved old Lurcher who needs as much goodness as can be coaxed inside him.  From what I gather the Raw To Go parcels contain (don’t quote me on this) meat, bones, offal etc etc of various animals to provide the balanced diet needed and to mirror the natural diet of the dog.  It all arrives in a handy freezer pack and is really very easy to administer.   The packets are loosely labelled and we can just about decipher words like Tripe, Rabbit, Heart but it all just looks like a bloody mush to me – and smells like one too.

But to Hector, it seems that this stuff is that of dreams.  He drools, he pleads and he sidles; he waits, he watches, he wants...

Witnessing this rampant desperation twice daily throughout the festive period, I’ve been quite tempted to change his diet and go Raw ourselves.  But I’m reminded of my chant re a familiar diet and how healthy, hungry dogs don’t get bored of any one menu – only their owners do – so we’re sticking with Hector’s muesli for now.  Besides, the children have objected to the idea of a freezer full of rabbit bits as opposed to pizza and my husband is miserable without space for ice-trays.   

But while there’s certainly a lot to be said for sticking to what works, I do quite like the idea of feeding Raw... 

So for now I’m watching Hector carefully.  Any inkling of constipation, ‘scooting’, excessive farting (is there any other kind?!) etc etc and I’ll ditch the muesli and go native.   Pizza and ice-cubes be damned –
I like the idea of feeding minced mush. 

Ironic isn’t it - if only Hector understood that all he needed to do to secure a lifetime of drool-inspiring mush was to adopt a pained expression and set off once round the room on his bottom!

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