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What to look for in a pet insurance policy and tips to keep your dog fit


ver the past decade tremendous advances have made in veterinary medicine and technology and this has benefited dogs by saving their lives and giving them quality of life. Inevitably, as a result of this progress, veterinay treatment has become hugely expensive and consequently most people realise that pet insurance is an absolute necessity if they are to give their dogs the very best of care

Dog insurance not only covers health but other unexpected costs too, however an insurance is only as good as its policy, so finding the right one is essential.   

Below are some of the benefits one should be looking for in an pet insurance but some of the less important factors can be tailored to an individual’s needs:

•    A lifelong policy with no exclusions

•    A policy that covers on-going conditions

•    Hereditary or congenital conditions covered

•    A sensible amount to spend on vet’s fees per annum (eg £4000 to £6000)

•    Complementary treatments including acupuncture and homeopathic medicine

•    Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy

•    Behavioural treatment

•    Travel cover

•    Kennelling and pet sitting costs. 

•    Emergency vet’s fees

•    Lost, theft, straying and recovery

•    Third party liability

•    Euthanasia cost

•    Dental treatment needed through accident or disease

•    Percentage of Prescription Diet paid

•    Death of a pet

•    Quarantine costs

Putting a little money aside each month to protect your dog and keep him safe is a small price to pay for the joy a dog brings to your life and there are ways in which you can enhance and maintain a dog’s fitness too:

•    Feeding a correct diet and not allowing him to become overweight.

•     Giving the right amount of exercise and stimulation.

•     Getting him vaccinated against disease that can be fatal

•    Protecting him against infection of parasites

•    Grooming, trimming claws, cleaning teeth and checking all areas of the body

•    Getting a dog neutered when appropriate

•    To find out more about dog insurance visit the Petplan website

     Find a friendly local sitter in your area