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Wetnose Animal Aid


Two minutes of your time to sign a petition would help sick and needy animals worldwide.

What is Wetnose Animal Aid? 

Wetnose Animal Aid is a non profit organisation that aims to help sick and needy domestic and wildlife animals in smaller and less well known Rescue Centres and any good causes all over the UK and Overseas.

The organisation was founded 15 years ago by Gavin and Andrea Gamby-Boulger in loving memory of their German shepherd bitch, Tara.  Gavin and Andie understand only too well the dedication, the financial struggle and exhausting work it takes to maintain a rescue centre having run one themselves for many years prior to founding Wetnose Animal Aid. 

Wetnose Animal Aid is not one of those faceless charities that send envelopes through your door and wave charity boxes under your nose as you leave your favourite supermarket.  Gavin and Andie take a personal interest and care deeply not only about the people they support but also their supporters.  They will take time out of their incredibly busy lives to visit their most needy centres and offer practical help in any way they can and, I speak from the heart, they will find time to keep in contact with their supporters especially when they are suffering difficult times. 

Through numerous fund-raising events and their own charity shop in Beccles, Suffolk, Gavin and Andie have been encouraged by their achievements so far.  They have saved the lives of animals all over the world by funding veterinary treatment and supporting rescue centres that are struggling to survive.  But they are well aware that there is so much more that could be done.

In the present financial climate, donations and financial support of animal welfare and rescue has dropped dramatically and many smaller centres are in crisis. 

You could help.......
by signing a petition in support of a television fund-raising event similar to that of ‘Comic Relief’ ‘Red Nose’ & ‘Sports Relief’. 

Imagine a one hour programme including, comedy sketches, animal clips, dog games and talks from animal experts!  It would attract a nationwide audience as entertainment value and would be a fantastic vehicle to raise awareness of the problems and cost involved in helping animals in need.

Children in Need raise over £35 million a year, wouldn’t it be wonderful to raise even £2 or £3 million for our animals?

London Dog Forum has supported this petition so why not take two minutes of your time to add your signature and remember….

Animals play such an essential role in our lives that in helping them we would be helping those that need and love them too. 

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