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Well Dog Healthcare

dreamstime_5684712.jpgA happy, healthy dog will not only give the greatest pleasure to his owner and family but also is one that is acceptable in society. Well Dog Healthcare aims to make pet owners aware of the potential health problems in dogs that can be avoided by taking preventative measures.  Some of these steps are a simple matter of routine, such as teeth cleaning, grooming and nail clipping.  Often dog owners do not realise the importance of these basic tasks but, if neglected, poor health can be the result, and therefore we explain exactly how this can happen. 

Dogs can be infected by both external and internal parasites unless treated against them regularly.  Some parasites have more serious health implications than others and some may infect humans.  Our aim is to advise dog owners in some detail of the life cycles of these organisms and their causes and effects as it is the only way to have a full understanding of the risks.

Where more major decisions have to be made such as neutering, London Dog Forum will fully explain the pros and the cons but always advise dog owners to consult with their own veterinary surgeon when it is felt appropriate. 

Along with preventative care, we offer advice on the importance of keeping your dog slim and well exercised and will give a full explanation about the diseases against which your vet will recommend vaccination.

We have already mentioned that a healthy dog is a happy dog but taking care of your pet’s needs will cut down your veterinary bills too!

Finally we have a pet etiquette section where London Dog Forum and their users have made suggestions on how to make your dog acceptable in society.  If you have any well dog healthcare questions or would like to add to the list of pet etiquette we would love to hear from you.


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