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Waltham Forest Volunteers Scoop £51,000 Worth of Poop!

Posted on Monday, 12 August 2013 02:08PM by Andi Godfrey
Waltham Forest 4 Dogs clean up the parks
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Volunteers from the group, Waltham Forest 4 Dogs have scooped up dog poo that would have amounted to £51,120 of fines had the council prosecuted.

Waltham Forest 4 Dogs is made up of 150 plus dogs and owners who have made it their mission to raise awareness about the importance of being a responsible dog owner.

The volunteers have been clearing mess from parks all around the area of Waltham Forest including Stoneydown Park, Highams Park and Lloyd Park where they collected the astonishing 160 bags full of poo!

They also cleared up dog mess at Chingford Ridgeway Park, Jubilee Park in Leyton and Larkswood playing field where 189 bags were collected.

The group are concerned that Councils Dog Control Orders are not targeting the culprits.  They have organised the big clean up to prove that not all dog owners are irresponsible and that is only the minority of anti-social dog owners who are repeat offenders that are to blame.

Volunteer Fabian Ho said: “Many people have said good on us for doing this, but for me, if you have a problem picking up after your dog, then you don’t deserve to have a dog.”

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