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Uk-gsr German Shepherd Rescue In London & Home Counties


Uk-grs organisation are dedicated to the welfare of the German shepherd.  They pride themselves in being totally committed to the best interest of the breed.

They have a ‘no kill’ policy.

Pictured below are just one or two of the many dogs looking for a home:

uk-german-shepherd-rescue-uk-gsr002007.jpg     uk-german-shepherd-rescue-tink.jpg     uk-german-shepherd-rescue-maddie.jpg
Male - 12 months old (Hertfordshire)    Female - (Leighton Buzzard)                 Female - 9 months old (Peterborough)

They are actively recruiting in the whole of the uk and looking for volunteers to help out with transporting dogs, home and dog assessments, foster and fundraising/sign ups/awareness, especially in London, Middlesex, Herts and the south.

If you could spare even a couple of hours to help out please follow this link.   or if you are considering adopting a German Shepherd follow this link 

Come and visit us at the London Pet Show on May
11th and 12th


One of our "celeb". rescue dogs Haatchi will be making a visit to our stall with his owner Owen on Saturday. Winners of The ITV British Animal honours, Braveheart Honours award!!!
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An organisation dedicated to the welfare of the German shepherd breed.  They use their vast knowledge and experience to rescue unwanted and needy German shepherd dogs and German shepherd puppies...
Uk-gsr German Shepherd Rescue
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