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Top Tips For Dog Owners

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How To Stop Dogs Bolting Their Food.

Dogs with hearty appetites, or those who feel they are in competition with other dogs eating in the same room, may have a tendency to bolt their food and this can cause them to be sick or to suffer other more serious gut problems.  A simple method to slow them down is to place some large clean rocks in the feeding bowl so that the dog is forced to sniff out the food around them.  Do make sure that the rocks are too big to be swallowed though!

A Sticky Problem!

There is nothing more irritating than getting chewing gum on your shoe but worse still when a dog gets it on his paw.  No mutt takes kindly to having the gum painfully extracted from his interdigital whiskers!

So what do you do? 

Liberally cover the area with mayonnaise (yes, that’s right!) and you will find the gum comes away much more easily.  It really does work.  I know because I have tried it!  However, don’t use it on your clothes as you will end up with a nasty oil stain!  Although...... I do have a tip for that too!

If you are like me and prone to spilling oily stuff down your best shirt, cover the area with a healthy dollop of washing up liquid then wash the garment as usual (the garment must be washable, of course!). 

Two tips for the price of one.  Can’t be bad!!!

A Site for Sore Eyes!


Does your dog suffer from weepy eyes causing them to become sore?  Try bathing them in Camomile Tea.  Camomile has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties and its analgesic effect that will soothe this sensitive area.  Just make a cup of Camomile tea in the usual way, leave it to cool, then soak a cosmetic pad with the solution and gently bathe.
However if your dog’s eye appears swollen, closed, bloodshot and/or is oozing a thick fluidy substance, then you will need to get it checked with your vet.

Has Your Dog Got A Drink Problem?


Some dogs insist on drinking out of toilet bowls or equally disgusting places however vigilant a dog owner is about putting down a fresh bowl of drinking water.  Of course the dog is unaware that it is a revolting habit and is only chosing the water that he finds more appealing.  One way to prevent this habit is to invest in a drinking fountain.  Both dogs and cats prefer to drink from running water.   Pets tend to like cold water and a fountain will stay cooler than a bowl that has been standing all day in a warm room.  Moving water will prevent it from becoming stagnant and it will harbour less bacteria so it could be that dogs and cats are instinctively attracted to the sound. Nevertheless it will solve your dogs bad drinking habits and is excellent for animals with urinary problems as it will encourage them to remain hydrated. 

Itchy Problem

Think your pet may have fleas but are not sure?  Brush the coat over damp white paper and if reddish brown blobs appear, now is the time for treatment!

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A Hairy Problem

There is nothing more annoying than those fine dog hairs that weave their way into car seat material.  Don't despair! Go and put on your Marigolds!  Stroking the area hard with a rubber-gloved hand will dislodge the hairs so you can hoover them away.  Alternatively you could get yourself a Peruvian hairless dog!!

Pepe Le Pew!

One of the dog's least attractive habits is rolling in the smelliest thing it can find and no amount of shampooing will remove the pong.  Cover the area with tomato ketchup and leave for a few minutes then rinse off.  The smell will vanish.  The idea came from the USA where dogs frequently come into contract with skunks.  I guess we Brits must count ourselves lucky!
Thank you Angela of Notting Hill for telling us this tip!)

Tar baby!


Removing fresh tar from paws can be a nightmare unless you know this handy hint.  Cover the area with butter, bandage and leave for 5 minutes.  Remove bandage and the tar should wash easily away

Stop the Rub!

Occasionally a dog may have to wear a protective boot on his front paw but how do you stop the dew claw from rubbing and making his leg raw when he is walking in it?
Buy a pair of baby’s socks (0-3 months).  Cut off the toes and make a small slit on the side near the elastic at the top of the sock.
sockone350.jpg       socktwo350.jpg

Place the sock upside-down on your dog’s paw allowing the dew claw to push through the slit that you have made.  The heel part of the sock will fit neatly over the wrist and the elastic at the top of the sock helps it to stay in place underneath the dew claw.

sockthree350.jpg            2009_11_10_0010_edited-1.jpg

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