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The Mayhew Animal Home and Education Centre

To see dogs that are currently needing homes click on title highlighted in orange above.

Open Day at the Mayhew, July 2011

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The Mayhew Animal Home nestles in a side street of Kensal Green, West London, n a site where an animal shelter has stood for 125 years; however the present day facilities are a far cry from the original shelter that was there in 1886 or, for that matter, even a couple of decades ago.  While parts of the original building still exist, the modern facilities are heavily geared towards animal welfare.

The Mayhew boasts luxury kennels with comfortable bedding, space to feed and play with toys, and a television to keep the dogs entertained when they are not being walked or trained and to while away those lonely hours before finding a forever home.

The cattery has equally excellent facilities as does the housing for unwanted rabbits.

The Mayhew may be small stature, with just enough space to house up to 30 dogs (and only if two dogs can share a room), but its impact on Animal Welfare reaches gigantic proportions. 

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The Mayhew’s many achievements include: 

• A veterinary clinic with free neutering for bull breeds

• An approved centre for veterinary nurse training

• A humane education programme that include visits to schools and colleges where talks are given about animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

• A National Vocational Qualification in Animal Care for people wanting a career working with animals

• An International Veterinary Training programme for London-based foreign vets seeking qualification in the UK.

• Advocating neutering programmes to control over-population of cats and dogs in cities abroad. 

• Sponsoring vets in countries to set up sterilisation programmes for cats and dogs to combat the stray animal crisis. Their work stretches from neighbouring European countries to places as far afield as Russia, Romania, Afghanistan, India, Nepal and Peru.

• The Mayhew’s animal welfare officers (AWOs) support dogs and dog owners in a number of ways including finding foster homes for dogs of people suffering a personal crisis such as domestic violence, extended hospital stays, damage to the home etc.

• AWO’s  visit St Mungos and Broadway accommodation to give health checks to animals, provide flea and worm treatment and book vaccination and neutering appointments. 

• Together with the vets, AWOs support Crisis at Christmas that give shelter to the homeless dog owners during the holiday.

• AWOs trap, neuter and return feral cats to communities, having also checked them for disease such at FeLV and FIV.  Litters brought in under 10 weeks old are kept at the home socialised and rehomed.

• Together with Hammersmith & Fulham Council, the Metropolitan Police, the Safer Neighbourhood Teams, H & F Homes, and the RSPCA, the Mayhew are involved with the BARK project a multiple agency group which proactively tackles irresponsible dog owners through education, investigation and enforcement. 

Their plans for 2011 include:

• Kick starting a new project with Brent Council and Hillside Housing Association on Responsible Dog Ownership in Brent.

• Developing a new in-house training for Mayhew adopted dogs.

• Creating and widely distributing two new educational leaflets on dog and cat care to ensure all owners (and potential owners) understand the high level of responsibility and commitment required.

• Setting a target to increase the volume of low cost neutering operations as part of their onsite outpatient veterinary clinic by 10%.

• Creating and widely distributing a new educational leaflet on the importance of neutering and dispel the myths surrounding this procedure.

• Looking into the feasibility of a free neutering scheme for cats.

Fundraising Events

The Mayhew hold a number of exciting events throughout the year that appeal to all ages.  These include their Open Day which this year was held on 17th July and despite foul weather was well supported.  There are sponsored walks, challenges and runs, the Christmas Fair and the popular Christmas Evening that is attended by many of their celebrity supporters.

Celebrity Supporters

The Mayhew’s list of celebrity supporters reads like a Who’s Who of British Entertainment. Actors Imelda Staunton, Jim Carter, Neil Morrissey, Jason Donovan and Joe McGann have all adopted Mayhew animals as have The Apprentice favourite, Margaret Mountford and renowned art critic, Brian Sewell. Other fantastic celebs such as Al Murray, Joanna Lumley, Andrew Sachs, Sue Jameson and Ricky Gervais have supported the Mayhew by appearing at various fundraising events.

Ways You Can Help

Not everyone is in a position to adopt an animal but there are many other ways you can help.

You can make a donation, sponsor an animal, become a Friend of the Mayhew or draw up a legacy in your will.

There are many different roles you can take as a volunteer, such as being a foster carer, helping with fundraising events or being a home visitor.

 You could even hold your own fundraising events such as quiz nights, plant stalls, sponsorship for giving up smoking or a swear box at work.

Latest news

Many of you will have read the Special Featured Article on ‘Britain’s Most Unwanted Dog’ where we showed pictures of various Staffies at the Mayhew needing homes.  Among these is Nerris ,a pretty little girl who gets on well with other dogs but is timid of people especially men. 


Nerris has been in foster care with another face that is familiar to LDF readers, Lisa Johnson.  Nerris has come on in leaps and bounds and, the best news is, Nerris has gone to live wonderful new home in the country with two other four-legged friends. 

Meanwhile the delightful Christopher won first place for Best Rescue at ‘Pup Idol’ in Hampstead at the beginning of July and he was still sporting his rosette at the Mayhew’s Open Day.  Christopher is in foster care at present and is adored by everyone who meets him but unfortunately none of these people are in a position to offer him a home, so he looking for someone he can permanently love.


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 At The Mayhew we: Take in and care for unwanted and abused animals and re-home them with responsible, caring owners   Ensure that no healthy animal in our care is ever put to...
The Mayhew Animal Home and Humane Education Centre
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