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The Friends Of Animals RCT


The Friends of Animals RCT is an independent rescue run completely by volunteers and is based in the South Wales valleys but its supporters and helpers are spread throughout the UK. 

Founder, Eileen Jones started the charity when her own microchipped, tagged and unsprayed Yorkshire terrier, Sophie, disappeared without trace on August 1st, 2003.  It was during the desperate search for her companion that she became aware of plight of homeless and abandoned dogs and decided that she would do all in her power to help them.  She has still not given up the search for her own little dog.


Eileen who was born in Acton, tells London Dog Forum that the charity has taken a number of dogs that needed help from London and has even found homes for some of their “very special dogs” in the capital. 

The charity is committed to reducing the number of homeless and abandoned dogs.  All animals taken in their care are neutered, wormed and treated against fleas and microchipped prior to rehoming.  Potential homes are carefully vetted and a full back up service is given by the ‘friends’ following an adoption.  Elderly and sick dogs are given foster homes where they are nurtured for their remaining years. 


When Eileen talks of her “very special dogs” she is referring to the “Wonky Dog Club”- animals that come to Friends of Animals RCT with special needs or health problems.  Eileen’s devotion extends to more than simply finding an animal a home.  She and her supporters will go to any lengths to raise funds for the expensive veterinary treatment needed for some of her waifs and strays that would otherwise have no chance of being rehomed.  The charity’s policy is to never ‘put down’ an animal that has quality of life and it believes that sick and needy animals deserve every possible chance of living a happy and pain free.

Rosie, a beautiful Springer spaniel was rescued from a home with 19 other dogs in November 08.  It soon became apparent that she was incontinent and she was taken to a specialist at the Royal Veterinary College.  X rays revealed that she had a small bladder in the wrong place and that the vessels that carry urea from the kidneys to the bladder were leaking.  Medication did not help and the remarkable couple who were fostering her had to apply Vaseline to the inside of her legs to prevent the uric acid burns.  In the evening they would put a nappy on her. There was no alternative for Rosie other than to undergo major surgery to correct her problem. 

In 2009 The Rosie and Friends Appeal was established.  This fund enables dogs, like Rosie, who are sick or disabled and require surgery to lead a happy and normal life.
More information on the appeal and Rosie’s Friends can be found by clicking


The Erin and Mace ‘gift of sight’ appeal is the Friends of Animals RCT’s latest project.  Erin is an ex puppyfarm Bichon from West Wales and Mace was from a Birmingham pound, both are blind and the aim is to raise £4000 in veterinary fees to have their sight restored.

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Cruelty and Compassion

Eileen is appalled by any cruelty to animals but is empathetic when she believes that a pet has suffered through the owner’s fear or ignorance.  Her caring attitude is illustrated perfectly in the tragic case of Shadow and his mate, Benji. The two dogs were found in a house where the owner, a woman in her fifties, was found dead after about thirty hours.  The animals were in an appalling state.  The older of the two, Benji had a horrendous ear infection and a problem with his waterworks.  The vets operated and found that he had a number of bladder stones, one the size of a pebble. His ear canal was filled with blood and pus and he must have been in pain for a considerable amount of time.  Shadow was an extremely timid dog and had a very unpleasant eye infection that too had obviously been neglected. 

Initially Shadow cowered in the corner with his face down, but gradually he began to show trust in his saviours and would wag his tail in greeting.  He has now found a wonderful home in Croydon.

It would have been easy for Eileen to have condemned the owner for her lack of care but instead she said,

“I cannot stop thinking about her and wondering if she failed to get medical help for herself because of her worry about what might happen to the dogs if it was discovered the condition they were living in.  The stress must have been unbearable and I am so sad that she felt she had nowhere to turn for help, where she would not be judged and criticised for allowing things to get out of control.”

The statement speaks for itself.  It shows us that Eileen is a woman who shows great compassion not only when it comes to the welfare of dogs but also the needs of owners.

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