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Dogs Trust

It's Puppy Love at Dogs Trust this Valentine's Day as Little Cupid enjoys a delivery of Pink toy donations from Ancol Pet Products


The Dog’s Trust is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK and cares for over 15,000 strays and abandoned dogs a year.  It has eighteen rehoming centres spread nationwide, the latest addition being Dublin, which opened its doors on the 4th November of this year.  The charity always puts the health and happiness of the dog foremost and in 1964 they made a policy that no healthy dog would be put down.  This has meant many dogs that cannot be rehomed for some reason have become permanent residents.

The Dogs Trust, formally known as the National Canine Defence League, was founded in 1891, and is not only recognised for rescue work but also for being involved with various campaigns that have significantly improved dog welfare over the past century.  The charity’s current aim is to reduce the number of strays and abandoned dogs and ultimately to put an end to the unnecessary destruction of healthy animals. This can be achieved by compulsory micro chipping of dogs, neutering to prevent unwanted litters and education to encourage responsible dog ownership.

From its conception the Dogs Trust has cared about dog owners too and believes that anyone who clearly cares and looks after a dog should not be prevented in keeping it because of being poor.    The greatest demand on their funds to provide practical aid was during the depression when dog licensing was still compulsory.  In 1927 a branch of the charity known as the Dog License Club paid for 4,600 licences.

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