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The Bella Moss Foundation

Human to Animal MRSA Advice Service 

The new Human to Animal MRSA Advice Service has been created to provide information and advice on resistant bacteria and their effects on animal health. Launched by The Bella Moss Foundation (BMF), this new advice service is a unique online resource for veterinary professionals, as well as pet owners and carers.

BMF clinical advisor David Lloyd, professor of veterinary dermatology at the Royal Veterinary College, said: “There has been a worrying increase in the numbers of pets reported with MRSA Infections. The causes for this seem to be complex, and research to understand this emerging infection in animals and people is continuing. The Bella Moss Foundation has been very helpful explaining to pet owners the complexity of these issues, and the new Animal MRSA Advice Service will be an educational tool for lay people and veterinarians to learn more about resistant bacterial infections in animals.”

• For pet owners and carers the Animal MRSA Advice Service will provide education on bacteria, the risk factors for transmission between humans and animals, keeping pets healthy, finding a vet, and the importance of hand hygiene in protecting pets and people from unwanted infection.

• For veterinary professionals and practice staff the service will also provide academic reports and international research, as well as information on CPD seminars.


The Bella Moss Foundation was established in 2007 by Jill Moss following the death of her beloved dog Bella. The foundation exists to raise awareness of MRSA in animals and to promote new research into MRSA and other serious infections in companion animals.

The Bella Moss Foundation thanks its sponsors: BVA, Pfizer, Medichem International
and Idexx Laboratories, without whose help this event would not be possible.

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The Bella Moss Foundation will work towards progressing change in  Veterinary regulation and practice; support research into MRSA and other serious infections affecting companion animals; offer...
The Bella Moss Foundation
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