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Terrier Sliced by Loose Wire in Portsmouth Park

Posted on Thursday, 01 August 2013 10:57AM by Andi Godfrey

Stan and Chris Wickham with Smudge.  Photo by Allan Hutchings

Smudge, the Jack Russell needed emergency surgery and twelve stitches to her torso after being sliced by a piece of wire in Bransbury Park, Eastney in Portsmouth.

Her owner, Stan Wickman aged 84 was walking Smudge when he heard her yelping in pain.  He found that a piece of stray wire that had not been cut back properly had sliced into her stomach like a cheese wire.  

Mr Wickman called his wife Chris, aged 76 and they rushed the animal to Companion Care Veterinary Surgery in Copnor.

Mr and Mrs Wickham are still in a complete state of shock.  Mr Wickham says that he was horrified to see his little dog’s stomach sliced open but dreads to think how he would have felt if it had happened to one of his grandchildren.

The council explained that the fence was put up to protect new trees and hedges and they were not sure who was to blame for leaving a loose wire.  They have promised to make the necessary repairs and have sent their apologies to the couple.

In the meantime Smudge is taking it easy for a while until she is feeling better.

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