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Ten Tips To Protect Your Dog Against Theft


Dog thefts in the UK are becoming more common and it is not just the popular breeds that are vulnerable, all dogs at risk.  Dogs are stolen for a number of reasons, for breeding , selling on, dog fighting or simply to claim the reward offered by their frantic owners. 

Following our 10 tips might save you from being a victim of this crime.

•    Microchipping – OK, we know that a microchip is not an insurance policy against theft but it is constantly proven that dogs who are microchipped are more likely to be returned to their owners.  Do make sure that your microchip details are up to date at the database.

•    Ensure that your dog has a tag on his collar with your phone number/s. We recommend that you do not include your pet’s name as some thieves will use this to entice your dog.  Obviously the phone numbers need to be current and easily read.

•    Never leave your dog unattended, such as tied up outside a shop, in a car or even alone in a garden if it is accessible from a public place.

•    Don’t leave a sign on your home saying “'My dog lives here”, rather than deterring thieves, it may encourage them.

•    Never allow your dog to go out alone and make sure that your garden has secure gates and fences that he or she cannot jump over or dig under.

•    If you let your dog off the lead in parks and other green spaces make sure he or she is within your sight at all times, and, if there is anyone around that looks suspicious – don’t let the dog off the lead.

•    Think about having your dog neutered as it can make them less vulnerable to theft.

•    Discourage theft by only buying a puppy from assured breeders and breeders recommended by a recognised source.  If you suspect foul play, check up on it and report.  Some ‘breeders’ may try to fob you off with false paperwork.  Never buy from internet ads!

•    If you are a breeder, never put your address details on a website or a classified ad.

     Find a friendly local sitter in your area