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Talking Greyhounds!

Watch 'the Dogumentary' Here And See What Greyhounds Really Have To Say!


Greyhound lovers are very aware of the plight of these beautiful creatures and how many suffer at the hands of humans. 

Discarded dogs have been found dumped on motorways, some with their ears cut off to prevent them being traced back to the owner by its tattoo. 

Some dogs are acquired by irresponsible owners and others get exported to Spain to face further horrors. 

There are dreadful stories of greyhound training, of live cats being used to make the greyhounds chase and dogs that will not run being tied to motor bikes or frightened witless with guns and loud noises. 
Many people would like greyhound racing stopped altogether.

The Dogumentary is a series of short videos made by Quick Feet Productions.  When we were approached to put these on London Dog Forum, Producer and Director, Phil Parkin told us the intention was simply to entertain.

Having watched these videos – and we confess – laughed until the tears ran down our cheeks, we felt they were suitable to put on this site for a number of reasons:

a)    They raise awareness of racing greyhounds

b)    The videos are shot in kennels and stadiums where the dogs’ welfare is clearly a high priority

c)    And...if as a result of watching these amusing shorts, people become endeared to the greyhound personality, then all the better as more will be rehomed after retirement.

We hope you will enjoy watching these videos for what they are intended to be....a lot of fun.

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