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Special Human/Dog Relationships


London Dog Forum has a particular interest in human/dog interaction and knows that dogs play a vital role in enhancing people's lives. 

Here we have stories of the amazing way in which dogs not only enhance human lives but also are potential life savers.  Treo, the labrador, recently won the Dickin medal for his bravery in searching for explosives in Afghanistan. Coco whose owner, Karen, suffers from Addison disease will alert her when her cortisol levels are critically low.  

Sometimes it can work the other way where an owner will make sacrifices to maintain their dog's quality of life such as Fleur who suffers from cancer and needed life saving chemotherapy.

Georgia was rescued from a puppy farm and thanks to veterinary treatment and a new owner enjoyed her last four and a half years of life, and Lucy, who was dumped in Malta at the age of five weeks, was given a fresh start after she was found by Chrissie.

The bond that exists between a dog and owner often knows no boundaries and that is why we love to hear about those very special relationships.  Do you know someone who has an exceptional relationship with their dog or perhaps a dog that has made an enormous difference to a person's life?  We would love to hear from you.  Please send your stories along with a photo, if possible, to

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