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Six Years of Economic Depression Puts Strain on Animal Welfare

Posted on Friday, 09 August 2013 11:13AM by Andi Godfrey

Six years ago today Britain faced the start of the credit crunch and has struggled through an economic depression ever since.

While it can be appreciated that people have had to become more frugal during the times of financial crisis, among the first ‘luxury’ items to suffer were the UK’s pets.  The RSPCA reports that the numbers of dogs and cats abandoned has risen by 65% since 2007 and it is certain that other animal welfare organisations can report the similar figures.  

Together with an increase in strays, some charities have reported seeing a 50% decline, as people tightened their belts during the economic downturn.

At last there are signs that the economy is on the mend and hopefully we will soon be able to loosen the purse strings a little, but, when we do, let us not forget the wonderful work of our animal welfare organisations and the way in which they have coped through these very difficult and testing times.

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