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Should dogs wear coats in winter?

Dog Coats
In most cases dogs do not need to wear coats.  However, there are situations involving certain breeds with short coats or the very elderly/ sick who should be considered when weather conditions are extreme.  Also, it does depend on what the dog is actually doing at the time. If it is being active then, perhaps not.  If it is being walked, but at a very slow pace and is not well, for example,  then why not?

Neil Ewart
Guide Dogs For The Blind Association
Posted 4th February, 2010

Dear London Dog Forum
I am neither against, nor for, the wearing of coats. If we did not clip our dogs for our own selfishness, for our own vanity and the misconceived conception of the aesthetic appearances, they would have their own natural defences against the cold. That's why dogs grow a winter and a summer coat. So, if you do clip your dog, put a coat on the dog in winter, also if there are medical reasons and your dog cannot control its temperature.

Posted 18th January, 2010

I disagree completely! As a vet, I know of many instances where dog coats are important for the welfare of dogs. Examples include dogs that have lost their natural coat due to skin disease, and dogs with fine coats designed for hot climates who happen to be living in cool climates. See my reply to an owner in my recent column in the Daily

Pete Wedderburn BVM&S MRCVS
Posted 18th December, 2009

Dog coats should be BANNED. They are a complete waste of money and no self-respecting dog owner should bother with them. You don't see dogs on Polar Expeditions wearing coats!! They're just a fashion accessory. Dogs that do need coats, eg chihuahas etc, are man-made dogs any way, with all of their natural genes bred out of them. Dogs dont feel the cold like we do and most of them could happily survive living out doors. You dont see guard dogs with coats, do you.

Posted 2nd December 2009

I am planning to bring my two year old wire-haired fox terrier to the UK for the first time at Christmas this year. I have had a mixed reaction from my friends here in France about dog coats. Some think it is essential because my dog will find it very cold in England, others think that dog coats are simply a fashion statement and only suitable for wimps!
I would love to hear the comments/arguements of your readers. Come on all you London Dog Forum lovers, let's get the forum rolling.

Sally Dixon
Charente, France
Posted 20th November 2009.

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