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Pro Dogs Direct

London Dog Forum has now limited the amount of dog rescue charities that we feature on this site although we still accept listings, however we felt that we could not exclude this remarkable group of volunteers who aim to place unwanted dogs directly into homes.

Pro Dogs Direct is a dog welfare charity based in Catford, South East London and was registered in 2006.

This small charity aims to rescue abandoned, unwanted, maltreated and neglected dogs from anywhere in England and Wales, and then to rehabilitate and rehome them mainly in the South East.

The aim is to place each dog directly into a foster or permanent home, hence the name of the charity Pro Dogs Direct.  It is only very occasionally that a dog is put into kennels in an emergency until a foster home can be found.

In 2011, Pro Dogs Direct managed to successfully rehome over 300 dogs and more amazingly, this charity has no premises and is run entirely by volunteers.

Not only will the dogs be found loving homes but the volunteers aim to educate enquirers about the benefits of animal adoption, or if not buying from a reputable breeder.

Many of the dogs that are rescued are ex breeding bitches from puppy farms that have suffered dreadfully over five or six years.  They have been kept in confinement, fed on scraps and have never experienced a kindly hand or even had a name. Some rush around in non-stop terror for a few days, others are literally rooted to the spot in fear. Even basic tasks, such as going through a doorway, feeding from a bowl, being stroked, playing in the garden or walking on a lead take hours of patient work.

Others are strays, who face being put to sleep, through no fault of their own. Some are simply rejected for being old. We also take in unwanted litters of pups.

Some dogs require immediate veterinary attention to alleviate suffering – for example for severe skin conditions worsened by prolonged neglect. Some require surgery – for example to remove cataracts of a dog who has been kept in the dark, dental extractions in a neglected dog fed on a poor diet or having had too many litters, or surgery on pups with congenital limb disabilities / heart murmurs rejected by breeders as unsellable. We have a non-destruct policy and would never put a dog to sleep unless ill health should make this the only option.

Here are just some of the dogs in our care needing permanent homes:

Rory and Khaila:


Rory is a small Doberman cross breed and Khaila is a Jack Russell cross female. Rory is 12 and Khaila is 11 years old. Rory had one of his hind legs amputated
when he was younger; he is also nearly blind. These dogs have been together for some time and their owners would love for them to be able to stay together.

They are both used to living with a cat and have no problems. Rory and Khaila are not very socialised with other dogs but at their age need little exercise. Khaila loves attention and to have a fuss on your lap. They have both been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. Rory and Khaila are in Biggin Hill.



Max is a gorgeous 6-8 year old ex- breeding Scottish Terrier (Scottie). Unlike most he is not nervous and really loves fuss and attention. He will jump up your legs to get a pat. Max has been clean in the house and slept well in his crate. He will need new owners who are around for most of the day and would possibly like the company of a lady friend. Max will be fine with older sensible children. It is not know what he is like with cats although his breeder also bred them. Max has been neutered, vaccinated and micro-chipped. He is in foster in London.



Zac is a 2 year old Lurcher. He is great with other dogs and loves to play. He has lived with children and was good with them. I had the pleasure of meeting Zac today and it was a real treat. Meeting Zac is like having a hug from a human sized teddy bear. He loves people; bounces all over them as he truly believes he is a Chihuahua and cannot seem to grasp he does not fit on your lap! Zac would be fine to be rehomed as an only dog provided he is not left alone for long periods. He is great with other dogs but definitely no small furries with him. He will be homed with older children only just because of his size and bounciness. If you are in need of love from a huge bundle of fluff, then Zac is your man. Zac is in foster in East Sussex.

We are always in need of:

Transport – round M25
Donations of money, dog bedding, equipment etc

These are just some of the dogs that urgently need a foster or permanent home:

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Pro Dogs Direct is a dog welfare charity based in Catford, South East London and was registered in 2006. This small charity aims to rescue abandoned, unwanted, maltreated and neglected dogs from...
Pro Dogs Direct
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