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I will be in the UK from the 13th of September to the 23rd of September for booked consultations. For those of you wishing to book a consultation the service includes a home consultation with no time limit, a written report/guide and lifetime support for your dog via email, phone and skype. The total fee for all of this is £145. For existing clients, if any of you would like a top up visit, the charge is £40 per hour. To book you can email me at
Thank you and take care, Peter

Beautiful Ruby Still Looking for a Home


Nikky, Ruby's foster carer writes

Ruby is 12 months old and still very kittenish. She is loving and friendly and has been living with my 4 cats so
I have been able to find out how she gets on with other felines.

She is not at all aggressive or timid. She walks up to my lot and touches noses to say hello and
loves chasing paper balls that I make her.

She really enjoys curling up in my lap and being stroked. She is delightful. I would keep her myself but we
have too many already!!

My mobile number is 07966841826 and we are in Orpington. Thanks for your help.

New Hope For One Year Old Pup with Two Broken Legs


As well as my job as a dog behaviourist, since we have been living in Spain, we have started up our own animal charity, where we help the most severely injured and abused animals. On Monday, I drove down to Granada, to collect Lima, a one year old puppy, who had her two front legs broken when she was about four months old.

As you can imagine, after what happened to Lima, her confidence with humans is at rock bottom. We are looking to rehabilitate her psychologically and then find her a forever home. Since Monday though she is already showing an improvement, but it will take time, considering what she has been through in her very difficult short life so far.

Lima is a very gentle dog who loves other dogs and cats and it was so very endearing on Monday evening when she was greeted by Pebbles, the kitten we rescued from the streets of Pinoso a few weeks ago. Pebbles was only ten weeks old when we found her with a broken hip. We took her to the vets and had her hip operated on and she is now making a great recovery. Pebbles curiously walked up to Lima and sniffed where she had been operated on and then snuggled in next to her and they both fell fast asleep.

It was as if Pebbles was saying, “Don’t worry, we have both been through a difficult time, but it is good here and you will love it”. There are a lot of animals in Spain that need our assistance and if anyone would be kind enough to donate any amount of money to our charity, you can do by either Paypal, where my account details are, or to our Nat West charity account, where the sort code is:60-16-03 and the account number is 73754900. Even £1 would make a difference towards the passionate work we are doing here in Spain. Thank you. 

Thank You For Saving Pepay's Life!
from Peter charity

pepay.jpg  billy&pepay.jpg
Pepay                                                                                            Billy and Pepay

On the way back to our car last week after buying some food in the supermarket, we noticed a ten week old, female, feral kitten, lying next to a building. She looked terrified, but would not move. My Wife, Jean, tried to pick her up, but she hissed and tried to run away. As she ran down the street, it was clear to see that her back legs were not working, as they dragged behind her. Jean finally caught up with her and managed to pick her up and we took her to our vet, Cristina, in Pinoso, straight away.

Cristina x rayed the little kitten and the reason why she was so scared earlier in the street, was because she was in a huge amount of pain from a broken hip. To operate on the little kitten would cost around 350 euros and we were lucky enough to have this amount in our charity account, after receiving kind donations from members of the public. I know we are a dog rescue charity, but we are not prepared to see any animal suffer and her operation was completed a couple of days later. Although she was a feral kitten, it was clear to see after a few days, that she was getting used to humans and becoming friendlier by the minute.

Two days after her operation, we were told we could collect her and she was happy for us to pick her up and make a fuss of her. Animals know when you are there for the good of them and she had now given us her trust in abundance. When she arrived at our house, our six dogs were delighted to meet her. They love cats and their enthusiasm was quickly dampened as the little kitten gave the most almighty of swipes that must have connected and taken out all six dogs at once as they reeled around howling and complaining at the lack of manners of the new arrival!

It always amazes me how cats rule the roost over dogs. Here we had a 10 week old kitten who weighed less than a packet of crisps, taking out six dogs at once with a swipe Mike Tyson would have been proud of and amongst her victims was Billy, my eight and a half stone German Shepherd!

My six dogs regrouped and pondered on their next move, but almost in unison you could see that when a kitten gives out such an accurate and deadly swipe as she did, only one thing comes from that and that is a huge amount of respect!

The kitten looked on, as if to say to the dogs, “I know I am a kitten and I also know I am smaller than Billy’s tongue, I also know that if you all sneezed at once I would probably next be found in Almeria, but the next time you guys approach me, give me a little more respect, otherwise there’s more where that swipe came from”!

The dogs absolutely love her with a passion and Billy is now at her beck and call, as he washes her once in the morning and once at night. We officially have the cleanest kitten in Spain! With one lick of Billy’s tongue, it must be like the little kitten having a power shower each time and she is loving all the attention the dogs are giving her.

Mother nature is an amazing thing to witness and watching Billy and my other dogs cleaning her is a blessing and an honour. This is also a reminder of how quick your fortunes can change from bad to good. Only a few days ago, this kitten was in severe medical trouble, with nowhere to go and no one to look after her. Now she is part of a family of six dogs and three other cats and a huge helping of love.

Every penny of the money donated to our charity goes towards helping abused and sick animals. If you would like to donate, you can do, by either sending money to my Paypal account, which is or by sending money direct to our Nat West charity account which is sort code 60-16-03 and account number 73754900. Even the smallest amount of money will help in our passionate work towards saving lives, one animal at a time. Thank you.

The www.the dog you Charity is launched.

Peter has recently set up a charity section to to try and help 
as many of the Spanish dogs that are in dire need and suffering as he can.

Here's what he has to say:

If you think you have seen dogs suffer, you have seen nothing until you see the physical and emotional states some of the dogs are in out here in Spain.

The desperation out here with homeless dogs needs to be seen to be believed. There are burnt dogs, there are dogs with broken limbs and there are dogs with broken spirits.

I can only do so much as vet treatment costs money and now I am really desperate for your help. 

Please can you give a small donation towards helping these dogs – even £1 or 1 euro will help.

Donations can be paid via Paypal at or to my Nat West charity bank account which is sort code: 60-16-03 account number: 73754900.

Border Collie needing a home - posted 6th February 2013


11 month old Border Collie called Barney, currently located in Blackpool, looking for a good home. Has a great temperament, friendly, playful and loves children. Needs space to have a run around and enjoys plenty of walks.  Contact details are Mark Lloyd



Peter will be live on Worldwide Canine Crusade Radio


from 10pm on Wednesday the 16th of January. Worldwide Canine Crusade fight for the rights of dogs worldwide. Their website is and I urge people to join this dedicated and passionate group.

To listen to the radio station from 10pm on Wednesday night, or if wanted you can listen the next day, simply click on the following link:

HOME NEEDED FOR MOUSE! - Posted January 4th 2013


Mouse was found in a terrible state in November in the Spanish countryside. Her ear tips were torn and bleeding and her tail was protruding from the skin. She has now had treatment and has recovered very well. She is around one years old and loves people and other dogs. She is currently being looked after by a lovely lady called Marianne Stringer, on Spain's Costa Blanca coast. Transport & passport can be arranged for travel to the UK if needed. She is an amazing dog who is looking for her forever home. If you can help, please contact Marianne at

LOVING HOME URGENTLY NEEDED - posted 5th December 2012

This 4 year old female Border Terrier & 10 year old Terrier are now at Foal Farm animal rescue in Biggin Hill because their owner suddenly died. They are very good with other dogs and children and are to be rehomed together. This is a very sad story and if anyone out there can give these two lovely dogs a loving forever home, please contact Foal Farm on 01959-572386 


This wondeful dog is due to be put to sleep on Wednesday morning if no home is found for her. She is currently in Valencia in Spain.
If you know of ANYONE who would like a dog, friends, neighbours, family etc....please get in contact with me and I can pass you on to the people in Spain.
My number is 07966-161558. She is very lovable and gets on with other dogs. Her name is Indie and she is three years old and is a Rottweiler/Retriever cross.
PLEASE ask around if anyone is looking to get a dog. THANK YOU, Pete


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