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Natural Dog Health Remedies

don't buy from the vet, buy online

London Dog Forum is aware that many dog owners prefer using natural treatments for their pets therefore we are pleased to introduce this category that includes a directory of natural remedy suppliers.  Natural remedies can be very effective and are often recommended by vets, however we do advise you to seek veterinary advice before using alternative treatments.

We are also extremely lucky to have Kate Bendix, a natural remedies expert who will be writing for London Dog Forum on this subject. 

Kate is an ex BBC TV producer and journalist, who made many food and science based programmes (among other things) and has always had an interest in what goes into our human food and the interaction between conventional and alternative medicines. 

Her interest moved to natural remedies for animals Her interest moved to natural remedies for animals when family dog, Ronnie developed a flea allergy and Kate felt there had to be something better with which to treat him than steroids.  Eventually she found treatments that worked and on the strength of her research founded ‘My Itchy Dog’.  Kate does not believe in quackery and has a good common sense approach to health and welfare as you will find out in her first article:
"Pimp your Pet's Food For Better Health (and save yourself a bomb into the bargain) "

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An online pet store passionate about bringing relief to itchy dogs and their owners. Specialising in helping dogs with skin problems through the use of high quality supplements, super premium dog...
My Itchy Dog
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