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Mick the Miller


Mick the Miller, a brindle greyhound, was born on 29th June 1926 at Killeigh, County Offaly in Ireland.  He was the runt of a large litter (numbers vary between 9 and 12!) but thanks to the diligent care and devotion of the trainer, Michael Green, and his owner, Father Martin Brophy, he soon became a potential prospect for the new sport of Track Racing which was introduced in Ireland in 1927. 

After his first couple of outings, Mick the Miller became very ill with what was thought to be distemper.  He received veterinary treatment, was ordered to rest and didn’t race for 5 months.  By November 1928 he was fit enough to race again.  After winning 15 out of 20 races it was decided to enter him for the English Greyhound Derby. 

In the first round he broke the World Record and became the first greyhound to run 525 yards in under 30 seconds.  He went on to win the race (1929) and won it again the next year becoming the first dog to achieve the feat.  He won it again in 1930 but due to a nasty ‘bump’ it was decided rather unfairly to re-run the race.  Unfortunately Mick the Miller, now 5 years old found two races in such a short period too much for him.

He had a succession of owners and retired from racing in 1931.  He spent the rest of his life at stud and also made many public appearances.  After his death in 1939 he was stuffed and for many years stood in the London Natural History Museum.  He can now be seen at the Natural History Museum at Tring in Hertfordshire.

Greyhounds race at greater speeds today and his records have long since been surpassed, but Mick the Miller will always be known as one of the greatest champions for his fearless spirit and the popularity the sport enjoyed through him.


Mick the Miller is still the only dog to have won the English Greyhound Derby, the St. Leger and the Cesarewitch.

In the three years of his racing life Mick the Miller had 68 outings and came first or second  51 times.

In 1934 Mick the Miller starred in a film called Wild Boy alongside Flanagan and Allen.

The people of Killeigh are currently in the process

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