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Jobs for Dogs - Peter Singh

Trainer and Behaviourist, Peter runs the charity that helps to restore to good health and rehabilitate Spanish rescue dogs so that they can be rehomed.
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Many of todays dog’s are unemployed and redundant from their original duties that they were bred for. They still want to work, it is hardwired into their brain to want to please. Imagine how we feel if we are out of work for weeks, or months. We become bored and agitated and this can be how many of the worlds dogs feel today.

Take the German Shepherd dog for example. They were bred as a herding and guarding dog. These traits never actually leave them. Out of my six dog’s, two are German Shepherds, Billy and Lola. If we move into a new house, all Billy and Lola are interested in is where is the front door. My other four dogs show no interest as to where the front door is. The reason why Billy and Lola do, is because they still and always will have that guarding, protective instinct in them. They want to make sure they are protecting the entrance to the house at all times. Wherever we live, there they are, laying together, doing what they were bred to do.

Even if I walk down the street with Billy, if someone is walking closely behind, he will not like it. He will keep looking around to see what their intentions are. Someone once asked me how do they teach their German Shepherd dog to protect. I said that was like going up to a bricklayer and explaining to them how to lay bricks. They are born with that instinct to want to protect the ones they love as are many dogs. Even walking in the Spanish campo, if my dog’s give chase to something, my two German Shepherd’s always stay with me, leaving the rest to give chase. Some people call German Shepherd’s ‘velcro dogs’ and that is why - they always seem attached to your leg.

I also have a Border Collie called Pickle. When we use to walk in London, he would try his best to round up London buses! Where he wanted to take them to, who knows, but try he would. That is part of the make up of a Border Collie.

Pedro and Sanchez Rodriguez, my two Spanish rescue dog’s are terrier mixes. They are the fly catchers out of my group of dog’s because of their tenacious nature. And then their is Ria, my female Spanish rescue dog. Her Mum was a German Shepherd. I know this because she gave birth to Ria and nine other puppies in the rescue centre in Orihuela. Who her Father was we do not know, but my guess is that he was a mixed breed dog, with bits of everything included, considering the box of tricks Ria has turned out to be!     

So whatever dog you may have, always remember, they were bred to do a job and that job varies, from herding, guarding, hunting, retrieving, pulling and more. All dog’s are different when it comes to their exercise needs and stimulation. So don’t go and get a German Shepherd and tie them to a tree and expect them to be happy and guard all day. They need exercise, love and stimulation, as do ALL dogs.  

Many people go and get a Husky and are then surprised when the dog gets bored and starts to make mischief, because they are given not even nearly enough exercise and stimulation. Before getting any dog, make sure you look at their breed or what breeds they are mixed with and ask yourself if you will be able to satisfy their needs as all dogs are different.

Just remember how we feel when we are unemployed and that is how a dog feels everyday if we don’t give them what they need. If there was a job centre for dogs, the queue would be full, all day, every day. Because dog’s want to be loved, wanted, needed and be of use to others. Just as we do.

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