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Welcome to London Dog Forum
Our core belief is the value of the man and dog relationship.  Our aim is to enhance the lives of both.

We provide practical information and support for dog owners and dog lovers worldwide, plus all the latest dog news and forthcoming dog events.

Our dog services directory gives quick and easy access to everything the dog owner might need.

All advisory articles are written by qualified professionals in the relevant disciplines.

You can click on the tabs above or one of the blue buttons below, you can select from the categories in the left hand column, click on key words within text or on banners.

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Latest Dog News


News Editor, Nick Mays keeps dog owners 'in the know' with all the latest news from serious political issues to the lighter side of dog ownership. 
  Special Dog News Feature currently refers to the horrors of advertising pets online and Dog News Focus "PDSA To Deny Pedigree Dogs Treatment".

Not wishing to ignore our other four-legged friends Nick brings us 'Cats In The News'. We also keep an archive of all news that we have published since 2009.

Dog Health & Welfare


A happy dog is a healthy dog. Dog owners experience all kinds of health and welfare issues from the time of deciding to take a dog on and throughout its life. 'Dog health and welfare' offers expert advice and guidance on dealing with these issues, plus we answer questions frequently asked by dog owners, such as “Will I catch warts from my dog?” and "Can dogs catch colds?" Also we have some top tips for dog owners that include how to remove tar from furry paws and how to remove dog hair from car seats!

Ask us any questions on dog healthcare and welfare and we will endeavour to answer as soon as we can.

Human/Dog Interaction


Dogs play a far more important role in our lives than often we realise. They influence our health and well-being, they educate, they work with us and in some cases are literally act as a life support. In this category we examine the ways in which dogs have formed a relationship with man throughout history and look at the part they play in our lives today. We highlight some of the organisations that train dogs to assist humans and we look at some very special personal human/dog relationships.

Dog Training and Dog Behaviour


A well behaved dog is one that is more acceptable in society and is a greater pleasure to own. London Dog Forum offers help and guidance on training and behaviour from puppyhood to adulthood using kind reward-based methods. We have featured articles by members of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors and the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers, also we explore alternative methods that have proved to be highly affective such as the Tellington Touch.

New to this category!  Your Dog Training And Behaviour Questions Answered. E-mail and we will answer your problems as soon as we can.

Dog Information


Dog information provides current dog legislation written in a language that everyone can understand, dog travel advice that includes an easy guide to getting a passport (all about to change in January 2012!) plus featured dog walks to be found in and around London and dog friendly places to visit.

Dog Fun, Fact & Entertainment

Judith Owen, Harry Shearer and their pets

This section contains celebrity interviews, reviews on dog books, dogs in film, dogs on DVD & dogs on television, famous dogs from history, literature and legend, rare breeds and amusing dog tales.
Our latest celebrity dog lover is singer and songwriter, Judith Owen speaks openly about suffering depression and tells us how dogs have changed her life. 

Dog Bereavement


Dogs are so much a part of our lives that when we lose one, it is as devastating as losing a close friend and family member. In 'Dog Bereavement' we hope to provide the comfort and knowledge that will help bereaved owners to cope with this difficult time. There is also a special site, 'Dogs In Memorium' where owners can remember their beloved pets that have passed away.

Dog Rescue


In the UK we are lucky to have many wonderful dog rescue and welfare centres, and without their help we could be as overpopulated with diseased strays as many other countries are today. These centres take dogs off the streets, neuter and microchip them, give them veterinary treatment and nurse them back to health when necessary. They address behaviourial problems and take time and trouble in rehoming dogs in order to avoid them being brought back into care. Dog welfare centres would not survive without the help of volunteers and foster carers and people who are prepared to devote their lives to helping dogs. The welfare centres are desperate for people to adopt dogs their dogs, but they can also be helped in so many other ways. Please give your support so that these organisations can continue to do their amazing work.

Save a dog from death row now by visiting this page!

London Dog Forum offers free advertising, event posting and listings to all dog rescue charities and dog welfare organisations. Please contact

Regular Feature Writers

If you would like to become a regular feature writer, please get in touch with us. We would love for specialist dog behaviourists and trainers to empart their great knowledge for the benefit of all our dog members.

Dog Services Directory

If you run a dog business and would like to have a listing on London Dog Forum, please do not hesitate to contact us. We offer competitive rates and are willing to tailor your listing to your specific needs.

Contact us by email or indeed by clicking the orange live chat button down in the right hand corner.
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