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Dog Groups & Social Group Dog Walking


Group social dog walking is an activity that complements the human dog relationship perfectly and is becoming increasingly more popular.  It gives humans get a chance to get out and about and meet other like minded souls, make new friends and discover new and exciting places to walk.  All age groups can take part and it is possibly one of the few activities that the entire family can enjoy together. Dogs like the social side too and walking somewhere new gives them the mental stimulation they need.

There are masses of health benefits for both the two and the four legged participants.  Walking is a great exercise for keeping fit without putting too much strain on the heart and it also helps to keep the weight down.  Obesity is a growing (literally!) problem both in humans and in our pets and if allowed to get out of control can have a terrible knock on effect on health. Being overweight can cause heart and respiratory problems, it can contribute to skin disease and arthritis and can lead to diabetes. There is also an added risk when being put under general anaesthetic. 

There are many different groups across the country, some of which are breed specific, such as the greyhound groups who once a year hold the Great British Greyhound Walk when greyhound groups across the UK take part in a mass walk on the same day at the same time.  This year there was well over 2000 greyhounds taking part.  These breed specific groups can help to promote adoption and are often useful in terms of owners sharing useful tips with one another.  Other groups accept any breeds and are simply a way of getting dog owners together to share a fun day out. 

London Dog Forum is so keen to promote this healthy pastime that we would like to hear from social dog walking groups both in London and across the country and we will advertise your group on this site absolutely free of charge.

Naturally we encourage responsible dog owners who will keep their dogs under control, pick up their dog’s mess, stick to the bye-laws of the area, respect wildlife, farm stock and other animals and to conform to the rules of the group.

Contact: with your details

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A group for whippet enthusiasts living in and around the South East to share events, photos, stories and info about their dogs
South East Whippets
Jahana Jay invites you to a small dog meet up. All small breed dogs welcome. The central London Minature Meetup is a network designed for all toydog and miniature owners who would like to ...
Ladies With Leads - Central London Miniature Dog Meetup
Hello there.... join the Kent Spaniel Dog Walking Group today for some fun and lively open space walks! Share stories, problem behavior, and training tips, and for our dogs to get together with each...
Kent Spaniel Dog Walking Group
Hi, i run a website and facebook group for beagle owners to use to arrange walks and meets. We are based in essex but have members in various counties.
Beagles UK (Essex based)
Hiya, I run a dog group especially for Chihuahuas. We have a facebook page called London's Chihuahuas, and a website called . Our walks are based in london,...
London Chihuahuas
My dog, Bailey is looking for new dog buddies to join him on his walks on a monthly basis as part of a new FREE to join dog walking club open to friendly, socialised adult dogs.  ...
K9 Dog Walking Group - North East London
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