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Greyhounds As Pets

Many people have a totally wrong impression of the greyhound’s character, probably because of the way in which they are portrayed outside betting shops with their faces muzzled in the heat of the chase. 


Greyhounds are amongst the gentlest of breeds and by nature are extremely lazy.  Being sprinters and not marathon runners, they will be happy to exercise for twenty minutes only twice a day. They do not eat any more than any other dog of their weight and, despite their size, will curl up on a cosy duvet all day so as to be hardly noticed even in a small flat.  They respond tremendously well to kind treatment and become affectionate and loyal pets within a short time.  Some may be a bit keen at first, especially if they have been raced, but generally they are willingly to put aside their past life in favour of a caring home and loving family. 


Owing to their soft nature, greyhounds make excellent pets for families with young children but equally will bridge the gap in families with older children who have flown the nest.  They make perfect companions for single people and, for those with dog friendly workplaces they are ideal for taking to work.  Many greyhounds make suitable pets for older people because they are quiet, walk gently to heel on the lead and adore being lavished with affection.  Greyhounds travel well in cars and are highly adaptable creatures. 


Be assured that once you have owned one of these beautiful and elegant creatures, you will be totally hooked.
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