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Gong for Amateur Dog Dancing Documentary

Posted on Tuesday, 30 July 2013 12:25PM by Andi Godfrey

A documentary following the progress of two amateur enthusiasts as they struggle to learn the skills of dog dancing at a training school in Swindon has won an award at the Costa Rican film festival.

The director, Donna Lipowitz who edited the film on her kitchen table, describes her achievement as being one of her proudest moments.

Originally she intended to follow the two novices from the day they took up the sport until their First Show at Crufts but she soon realised that this idea was somewhat ambitious.  It takes years for someone to achieve that kind of status in the sport and so the film was more about the characters taking part.  

Many people mock ‘dog dancing’ but the documentary sets out to reveal how rewarding the sport can be for dogs and their owners and shows how much the dogs enjoy it.  However the film is not without humour, as one of the stars, Ms Walker is constantly heard saying “Bonnie can dance but not always at the right time or in the right place!” In the meantime Bonnie is caught trying to eat the microphone!

The film is due to be screened to an audience of dogs and their owners in Swindon at the end of August.

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