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Favourite Pooch Pics

Occasionally I get sent pictures of dogs for my personal enjoyment but these are so wonderful, I just had to share!
If you have a favourite Pooch Pic that you would like to add to our newly created London Dog Forum gallery, please send it to

Fly with his owner, Marco


This is Marco with his Boxer/Tosa X.  Marco is from Brazil but now lives with Fly and his girlfriend in France.  He describes Fly as a gentle giant and still a big puppy at aged 2. 

Blood Donor Baruch


Owner Sharon Cross says:  "Baruch looking proud but pathetic after donating blood. Normally they don't need bandaging but as there were problems getting blood he needed a pressure bandage to reduce any bruising or swelling."

LDF says: Well done, Baruch.  What a brave and generous dog you are!

You don’t see a Lapphund and suddenly three come at once! 

odet_xmas_day_2011-_8_weeks_old350.jpg  odet_6_mths_old350.jpg
Odet - Xmas 2011 aged 8 weeks.                                                                                    Odet, aged 6 months

Tricia Kennedy has sent us pictures of her two fabulous Lapphunds.  The black bitch, Odet is a Swedish Lapphund who came to the UK in March 2012. It is believed that there are only 10 to 15 in the UK.

nova_8_weeks350.jpg  nova_5_mths350.jpg
Nova, 8weeks                                                                                                    Nova 5 months

Nova is a Finnish Lapphund described as wolf sable and she came to the UK in May, 2012.  Both are imported from the same breeder in Sweden.

Tricia who comes from Watford is looking forward to showing both her girls.


This is Usko, a gorgeous Finnish Lapphund belonging to Emma Carter of Richmond. 


This divine sporty fellow is Aston, a two year old Jug (Jack Russell x Pug).
He belongs to proud owners, Carley and Ray Tabrett

"Here is Merci posing for camera, being confident that she is the most beautiful dog ever :)

Well Laleh, I tend to agree with her! Andi ;-)


Little and Large Bosties sent in by Sally Lever, Notting Hill.   

Peter Singh's dog, Billy taking care of a rescue kitten in Spain.

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