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Famous Dogs

This section of The London Dog Forum provides potted histories of dogs who have achieved notoriety in fact and fiction. Some by virtue of their own individual prowess and extraordinary ability and some made famous by association.  Many born great, some achieving greatness and some with greatness thrust upon them.  To date our subjects include – CERBERUS, the mythological three-headed (?) guardian of Hades; GREYFRIARS BOBBY; who waited patiently by his master’s grave for fourteen years; LASSIE, eponymous star of Hollywood films; MICK THE MILLER, legendary racing superstar; NIPPER, the little dog who became a world famous advertising logo; THE BRITISH BULLDOG. Symbol of patriotism and closely connected with the tenacity of Britain’s wartime PM; THE PRESIDENT’S DOG, Barack Obama’s family pet; THE REGIMENTAL DOG, mascots of military regiments; THE SNIFFER DOG, who uses its incredible olfactory senses to detect and recover; WESSEX, faithful companion to one of our greatest novelists and poets: This section is continually being expanded.  If you wish to know more click on the names highlited in orange at the top of the page.

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