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Celebrity Dog Lovers

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Celebrity Dog Lovers, a category that was started in November 2009, features contributions and interviews with
well known people who love dogs but do not necessarily own one. 

Geoffrey Hutchings, Mel from the hit ITV sitcom 'Benidorm' owns a 12 year old rescue greyhound called Moth. Like most dog owners, it took no encouragement to get him to talk at length about her attributes, but Geoffrey also had a some amusing stories to tell about working with dogs on stage when he was a member of the Royal Shakespeare Company.

Reg E Cathey from the cult TV series, ‘The Wire’ was appearing in the brilliant production of ‘ The Shawshank Redemption’ at the Wyndham’s theatre when we spoke to him.  He is now back working in the US.  Due to his work commitments, Reg is unable to own a dog at the present time, although one gets the impression that it will not be long before he hears the patter of tiny paws. He is a huge dog lover and dogs have played an important part of his life.  During our chat, Reg not only told us of a heart-warming story involving herding dogs on the Navaho Reservation but also had some interesting information about the Pit Bull Terriers.  Finally he spoke of his own experience with dogs and his love of German Shepherds, however one gets the impression that if he does get a dog soon, the German Shepherd will not be his partner, Lydia's, choice of breed!  

In an all too brief meeting, DJ David Hamilton talks about the canine love of his life, Gordon setter, Max.

Art critic, Brian Sewell comments on the injustice to the tenants of the Inglis Barracks Estate when they were asked to get rid of their dogs in two weeks or get out of their homes.  He talks about his own dogs, his appreciation of dogs in art and the many benefits that dogs bring to humans.

Also in this gallery of stars is Tina and Chandi from 'Britain's Got Talent'.  This delightful young woman talks in depth about her life, her career and most importantly her dogs.

Laurie Foxwater better known as 'the divine Laurie' - more of a celebrity dog, love 'er!

Next on the list is the Celebrity Dog Lover Special.  London Dog Forum takes a trip to Spain to meet dog lovers of the hit sitcom Benidorm who had just finished filming the Benidorm Christmas Special.  Part 1 includes Janine Duvitski.

Talented actor, Peter Egan is well known for his stage performances as well as those on TV.  Many will remember him as the laid back neighbour in Ever Decreasing Circles.  Peter has now become completely immersed into the world of dogs and is Chairman and Trustee of the dog rescue charity 'All Dogs Matter'. Not only does he own six dogs of his own but also he fosters.  Peter tells London Dog Forum how he came to be so involved.

Billy Stritch grammy-winning composer, famed musical director and performer talks about the joy of owning a Border terrier and singer songwriter Judith Owen tells us how dogs bring joy on a daily basis.

Cabaret singer Harold Sanditon's 'Thoughts Around Midnight' include his Westie, Blanco and Marc Abraham, the TV Vet reveals some hidden secrets.

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