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Enfield Follows Lead of Other London Boroughs by Proposing to Introduce 4 Dog Rule

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 09:45AM by Andi Godfrey
Trent Park, Enfield

The Parks Service of the London Borough of Enfield are proposing to introduce a new Dog Control Order that allows only 4 dogs to be walked by one person.  This Order falls into line with other London Boroughs such as the Royal Parks and Hammersmith and Fulham who have also introduced a limit on the number of dogs walked per person.

Many people, including dog walkers, consider four dogs to be the maximum number of dogs that any one person can control effectively, which applies not only to the dogs straying, being aggressive or annoying other members of the public but also to picking up their faeces.

The proposal to limit the number of dogs walked by one person applies to all land which is within the administrative area of the London Borough of Enfield to include all land open to the air and to which the public are entitled or permitted to have access with or without payment.

While attempting to introduce this new control order the council intend to make changes to existing Dog Control Orders including:

•    Dogs will be required to be on leads at Woodcroft and Whitewebbs Golf Course
•    Dogs will be excluded from fenced off area surrounding the pond at Conway Rec.

If anyone wishes to raise any comments or objections regarding these Orders they must be sent in writing to James Downing by the 12th September, 2013 at Civic Centre, Silver Street, Enfiled, EN1 3XA or contact by e-mail

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