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Emergency And Support Services For Dog Owners

There is no guarantee that a dog owner’s circumstances will not change during their dog’s life and there may be times when a little help is needed.  London Dog Forum is building a directory of people or organisations that can offer support to dog owners in times of crisis. 

Listed below are some of the organisations and people who provide a special service to assist the dog owner. Our listings include support for pet owners suffering domestic violence, elderly or terminally ill pet owners who need assistance caring for their dogs, help for lost pets, advice for dog owners whose dogs are suffering from MRSA, support for owners of dogs suffering epilepsy, pet bereavement counselling, pet education and pet behaviour advice. 

We know there are many more dog owner support facilities out there, so if you are one, or are part of an organisation that provides a special service for dog owners, we would love to hear from you and to include you this category.  
 All listings in this category are and will remain absolutely FREE!

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There are a few things you should look out for when looking for a dog walker: You should choose a dog walker who can show you existing clients references - demonstrate that they are honest and...
./files/graphics/markup/default/more_info - Find Pet Walkers And Carer's In Your Area
./files/graphics/markup/default/more_info - Specialists in Dog Law
The only specialist national charity for people in their last years and their much loved, much needed companion animals. Normal 0 false false ...
The Cinnamon Trust
Welcome to the Canine Epilepsy Support Group    Does your DOG have Epilepsy ?   Do you feel alone and helpless ?    Talk to us about it.   The Canine Epilepsy...
Canine Epilepsy Support
If you are in London, affected by the riots and need a place of safety for your animals please contact.  All calls and enquiries will be handled in complete confidence.
We provide vaccinations and low cost treatment for sick and injured animals for people in receipt of benefits, pension and low income. To qualify you must provide evidence of income at each visit. ...
Compassion and Care Without Compromise Registered Charity 1104309 Pet to Vet Emergency Service Critical Care Transfer Deceased collection/ Cremation
Veterinary Assist
It is important to recognise that all dogs and cats are individuals and respond in different ways and at different speeds.  Some people report instant improvements, for others it may take...
The Bella Moss Foundation will work towards progressing change in  Veterinary regulation and practice; support research into MRSA and other serious infections affecting companion animals; offer...
The Bella Moss Foundation
Telephone and email befrienders The Pet Bereavement Support Service (PBSS) offers support and understanding to bereaved pet owners through a national network of trained volunteer telephone and...
Pet Bereavement Blue Cross
The Freedom Project is a free foster care service for dogs belonging to families fleeing from domestic violence. The service operates in Greater London, Hertfordshire and Yorkshire. In London we can...
The Freedom Project - London and Leeds
My name is Robert Stuhldreer and along with my two Akitas Max and Adora we are Education Volunteers for the animal charity The Blue Cross. All volunteers are (enhanced) CRB checked and all dogs have...
Blue Cross Education
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