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Dog Trainers

Finding a Good Dog Training Class


All dogs benefit from a good dog training class whether your dog is a puppy or an older dog and whether you, as the owner, are experienced or not.  A well trained dog is more acceptable in society and will consequently be a greater pleasure to its owner and family.  By attending a suitable dog training class, your dog will learn new skills in a controlled environment and the experience will enhance your relationship. do you find the right training class?

Here’s a few tips...

1)  Always visit a potential dog training class and see what is going on before you take your dog.

2) Make sure the atmosphere is calm and relaxed.  A lot of barking dogs is a sign of stress!

3) Check that the trainer uses kind methods and equipment.  Check chain, prong collars and slip collars are definitely not appropriate.

4) A lot of shouting is unnecessary and is a sign of poor training.

5) Make sure that the trainer is friendly and approachable and understands the needs of individual dogs.

6) Check the size of the class and the number of assistants.  Can the trainer keep tabs on everyone?

7) Participants should be looking relaxed and happy and having fun.

8) Dogs that are aggressive or nervous have behavioural issues and are not suitable for a dog training class.  These animals need individual assessment with a behaviourist before attending a normal class.

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Ingrid Haskal is an experienced dog trainer and can help you resolve your dog pulling on the lead, jumping up, barking, not coming back when called and many more. Pets with problems run dog training...
Pets with Problems
1-2-1 dog training across London Urban canines need to know more then just the basics. Living in a city with a dog can be challenging. Lots of people and lots of other dogs mean that you need...
Urban Canine - 1-2-1 dog training across London
Experienced dog trainer offers one to one consultations on behavioral problems of your dog, as well as on basic and advanced obedience. The duration of each consultation is about 1h to 2 hours...
Alesya Miroshnikov - London-based Dog Trainer & Behaviourist
I have a National Diploma in Animal Management and have a lot of experience in all types of dog training and behaviour. We offer basic obedience, puppy, socialization, training and help with all...
I offer positive, reward based training to dogs and their owners in South London.        I have owned cats for over 15 years, worked with dogs professionally as an...
Believe in Magic Pet Services - South London
  Here we believe that a dog should be the happiest thing in your life – a fur bag to always bring a smile to your face, love to your home and lots of fresh air, walks and play. Stephanie...
The Well Mannered Hound - South West London
Cat and dog behaviourist covering London, Home Counties and East Midlands.  Behaviour consultant to several rescues. Help from £3.99, advice packs, home visits and lots of free...
Debbie Connolly
Dog training classes for puppies and older dogs.  Instructor Jenny Trigg is a member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT).  This means we use reward based training, building a...
Adolescent Dogs - Jenny Trigg APDT - Guildford area
Contact:  Sue or Ceri Evans Providing Behavioural Training for Handlers and Dogs of all ages since 1994 Sunday & Thursday Group Sessions ............enquiries and enrolments at...
Alpha Dog Training Club - North London
Emily is a member of Gwen Bailey's Puppy School, where tutors are trained to a very high standard in dog training and dog behaviour.  They also attend regular seminars on these subjects and have...
Emily Mazon - West London
Penaran is a member of Gwen Bailey's Puppy School, where tutors are trained to a very high standard in dog training and dog behaviour.  They also attend regular seminars on these...
Penaran Higgs - North London
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