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London Dog Services

Welcome to London Dog Forum dog services directory.  

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Anyone with a dog needs a specialist service at some time whether it be a vet, therapist, groomer, sitter, kennels or simply doggie gifts.  London Dog Forum aims to provide a comprehensive directory within its site to make life simpler for the pet owner. 

Listed above are our categories for pet related needs.  All you have to do is click on the title above that you require and you will be directed to a list of people who are providing that service.  

London Dog Forum welcomes listings from all dog services both inside and outside of London. Currently high on the list of searches are dog sitters, dog boarders, dog walkers, dog trainers and dog groomers but all dog services are in demand. You will find that our rates are extremely competitive.

All dog charity and welfare organisations have listings and events posted free of charge, as well as emergency services for dogs and their owners.

If you are interested in having a listing on this site go to 'advertising with us' or please contact
     Find a friendly local sitter in your area