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Dog Poems

Today (October 4th) is National Poetry Day and to celebrate, we thought it might be fun to include some favourite dog poems. If you have a favourite dog poem, please share it with us by sending an e-mail to

"Ahr Pincher" was sent in to us by Neil Ewart. This funny and moving poem is worth trying to decipher, but we'll let Neil will explain:

"Not too long  ago a licence to keep a dog was seven and sixpence in old money. (About 35p )  

I found this poem in a book published well over fifty years ago.  Try to read it in a Yorkshire accent as its title is ’’A Yorkshire Poet’s Tribute to the Dog’’   The poet in question was named Darbyshire and is a touching tribute to the family pet.

‘’Ahr  Pincher’’

Seven-and-sixpence a year, dus at ‘ear?
Fur a good-for-nowt dog like thee.
Thah kno’s very well thah’t not worth it
Er why dus ta blink so at me?
Come, lift up them ears o’ thine, wil’ta
And ‘eer what thi gaffe’r to say.
Thah’s been a good useful servant,
But, for aw that, thi time‘s up today:
Thar‘s fowt for thi friends like a  tiger,
Thar‘s play‘d wi‘ these bairns like a lamb-
But we can‘t find brass for thi licence.
Thah‘ll a‘ ta be thrown in t‘ dam!
Why, thah‘s whining! Thi tail‘s stop‘d waggin‘-
Thah must understand what ah say,
Very well, then, thah shan‘t go I‘t watter.
We‘ll tak‘ thee and gi‘ thee away;
Else loise thee- but thah’s owt but a beauty:
Foaks al’ say thah wur best lost ner fun:
But we , that have reared thee and kno’ thee,
Al’ loise a good friend when thah’t gone.
When wecome dahn stairs in a mornin’
Wea’ll miss thi owd friendly wag;
And at neet, when we come fro’t factory,
Thah’ll not meet us, so fussy and glad.
And these childer, how they’ll miss thee,
When they haven’t thi long ears to pull;
Here, come and lay dahn upo’ t arston-
Can’t ta see that me heart is full?
But thah’t not gone yet, and thah kno’s it,
Er, why ar’ ta’ waggin’ thi tail?
Can’t at see what ah’ve just been thinkin’
To  do wi’ less bacca and ale?
Ay, thah’t an owd un! Where’s me hat?
Thar’s helped me to get ah’t o’ t’ fix
Stop here; tak’ care o’ these childer,
Ah’ll go and get Seven-and-six..  

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