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Dog Information & Dogs Lost


This category entitled 'Dog Information' divides into three different areas:  legislation, travel and dog friendly places to visit.

Legislation is something that is useful to every dog owner, even if they have not fallen foul of law!    With this in mind, London Dog Forum has created a user-friendly way in which to look up all aspects of Dog Law.  Simply click on Dog Legislation highlighted above in orange, then, once into this category, you will find a list of current dog related laws.  All you have to do is to click on the relative item for a further explanation.  We have interpreted the individual laws to make them easier to understand but without oversimplification. 

Pet Travel gives you an easy guide to obtaining a Pet Passport and will provide you with tips when taking your pet abroad.  This is essential reading if you are taking your pet abroad for the first time and hopefully will put your mind at rest over any concerns you may have. 

The category, ‘Dog Friendly Places’ covers everything from hotels, pubs and restaurants to featured dog walks. Occasionally will we hear of more unusual dog friendly outings such as dog friendly theatre!

Every now and then, London Dog Forum tries out dog friendly places to visit and will report back if we have enjoyed the stay, hence we have a small selection of dog friendly breaks to which we will continue make additions.   We pride ourselves on our featured London Dog Walks, all of which have been tried and tested by users of London Dog Forum, and hope that this will give residents as well as visitors new insight in the places of beauty to be found in London.  We have everything from river walks, to wooded and heath land walks, enclosed walks, and walks in places of historic interest.  Whatever your taste, there is something for everyone.

London Dog Forum is always delighted to hear of new dog friendly places or featured walks (they don’t have to be confined to London) so e-mail us at  with all your information and photos too, please.

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