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Dog Health & Welfare


A dog’s health and welfare is always high on the list of any dutiful dog owner.  In this category we offer a plethora of advice and useful tips on keeping your dog in the best condition.  We include veterinary advice on various diseases written by qualified vets and useful information to maintain your dog’s health and welfare such as parasitic treatment, advice on neutering, weight control and the importance of cleaning a dog’s teeth.

Dog owners often have niggling concerns that they are reluctant to ask about at their veterinary surgery for various reasons.  Examples of questions posed to London Dog Forum have been ‘Can humans catch warts from dogs?’, ‘Should my dog wear a coat in winter?’, ‘Can dogs catch colds?’ and ‘What should I do if my dog gets diarrhoea?.  London Dog Forum is happy to advise dog owners on any subject using the knowledge of our experts, so please just e-mail us and ask away! 

London Dog Forum are collecting some very useful and unusual tips that include removing tar from paws, getting rid of chewing gum from fur and paws and how to get rid of unpleasant smells after your dog has rolled plus more.  We are always looking for more unusual tips so if you have a one that you would like to share just let us know!

To read our veterinary articles, items on general health maintainace, dog owners FAQ's and some great tips for dog owners,  just click on the titles highlighted in blue at the top of the page.


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