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Dog Friendly London


Many people have the impression that dogs living in London suffer due to not having the green spaces and the exercise facilities that are available in the country.  How wrong could they be!  Often there is more freedom in the city’s green spaces than in the countryside and you are less likely to meet an angry farmer with a gun! Naturally, we would never suggest that your dogs should not be kept under control wherever you walk! 

There are a surprising number of places in London where you can walk your dog off the lead and enjoy woodlands, heath, riverside walks, walks in estate gardens, nature reserves and even old cemeteries.  Even seasoned Londoners have not known about some of the places that we have covered in our featured London walk category!  

Naturally we ask visitors to respect the bye laws of these places, to keep dogs under control and to pick up after them so we can continue having the freedom to walk our dogs in these areas. 

Going out and about with your dog is always fun but sometimes it is not easy to find places that except dogs.  A long dog walk at the weekend is so much more pleasant if you can pop into a cafe, restaurant or bar with you four-legged companion and therefore London Dog Forum have always tried to recommend a dog friendly cafe or bar near to featured London Dog walks.

In fact, we are building up a comprehensive list of cafes, restaurants and bars and businesses that accept dogs all over London and elsewhere, including a few weekend 'out of the city' breaks where dogs are welcomed too.

If you have a favourite walk that is not listed here, then please let us know and we would love to include it.  It doesn’t have to be in London, of course.  Londoners have been known to escape the city from time to time!!!


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