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London Dog Friendly Cafes, Restaurants and Bars


Thanks to our many contributors who have let us know about their favourite dog friendly cafes, restaurants and bars, we have now divided the venues into areas of London which we hope makes our directory easier to follow.  Just click the blue highlighted titles above for example ‘West London’ and you will find all the dog friendly pubs, restaurants and cafes that we have listed in this area.  

In the meantime we would grateful for every assistance in continuing to develop this category and would love to include your favourite London dog friendly venues.  Please contact us by clicking the contact us button in the bottom right hand corner.
How does the law view dogs in eating places?

Under the current EU legislation, dogs are not allowed in areas where food is being prepared but, as long as the proprietor follows standard hygiene practices, there is nothing to prevent dogs being in places where food is served. Whether a dog is allowed in a cafe, bar or restaurant is up to the sole discretion of the owner. 

In 2008 the Kennel Club started a campaign called ‘Open for Dogs’ to encourage businesses to become more dog friendly.  After all, we are supposed to be a nation of dog lovers so why not enjoy a social outing with our dogs? 

In the words of the Kennel Club:

“Eating out is a social experience and the very presence of dogs encourages people to socialise and relax, so businesses would really benefit from opening their doors to dogs.  There are also millions of dog owners in the UK who want to pop out for a bite to eat but don’t wish to leave their dogs behind, so it’s a win, win situation.”

The selection we have listed ranges from the sheek to the nostalgic, so we hope there is something to suit every mutt’s taste. All the places listed are guaranteed to welcome your dog and many are happy for your dog to sit inside.

Naturally, when a dog is allowed to join its owner in an eating or drinking venue, it must be recognised as a privilege, therefore dogs should always be well behaved and kept under control at all times.
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