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Dog Creches and Day Care Centres

    A walk in the park with CDPOM World

However much we love our dogs and want to spend quality time with them, there are periods in a busy dog owner’s life when having a dog can be a problem - an emergency meeting to attend, a shopping trip, or even a night away where dogs aren’t accepted.  For situations such as these, owners need to find a place for their dogs that is flexible, where the dog will be happy and will receive high quality, professional care. 

The dog crèche or day care centre could be the perfect solution! 

At the modern day dog crèche, the owner can book their dog in for a day, a week or a month safe in the knowledge that qualified staff will be at hand 24 hours a day.  Dogs can even pop in for an hour’s play and exercise while the owner attends to other matters. Not only will he be well cared for but also he will be benefit both physically and mentally. 

cdpomagility350.jpg  cdpomtread350.jpg
                         Agility and indoor exercise at CDPOM World

At a dog crèche or daycare centre, dogs have the company of humans and other dogs and will be able to take part in activities to stimulate both the mind and the body.  Agility toys, treadmills, games or a walk in the local park with qualified staff can be on the agenda and for those dogs that wish to take it easy and have a bit peace and quiet, comfortable rooms with soft beds are provided.  

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A walk in the country with Halo Dogs                                                     .......and time to relax with Halo Dogs!


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