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Dogs in the Media - Reviews


London Dog Forum offers a selection of reviews on dog films, dog books, dog TV , and theatrical shows in which dogs appear.  Our reviewers will give you a brief overview of content and a guideline on the points of particular interest within any dog-related book, film or television programme.  We are always aware of people's varying tastes and try to remain subjective but occasionally our enthusiasm for subject may be just a little obvious!  It is our policy not to be negative about any of the books, programmes and films that we review but we do remain brutally honest in our appraisal. 

As we build a library of reviews we intend to find something suitable for everyone and for all ages.  Films will range from cartoons and comedy to romance, drama and historical epics.  Books will include both fact and fiction, in fact anything from novels to reference books.  TV reviews include children's viewing, documentaries, comedy and drama - just so long as there is a dog involved! Our theatrical offerings will include anything from high camp musical to Shakespeare, just as long as a dog is in it!

If you have a favourite book, TV programme, film or show why not send us your review.  The only stipulation is that it is currently available.

Our contact e-mail is

We look forward to hearing from you.

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