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Dog Behaviourists - South East England

One should never be afraid of seeking out the help of a dog behaviourist for any problem, no matter how small.  Behaviourists are not there simply to treat canine aggression or to assess dangerous dogs, they can help dog owners solve what might appear to be a relatively minor problem quickly and effectively before that unwanted behaviour gets out of control.  Essentially a behaviourist will show a dog owner how to get the most out of their relationship with their dog and, as has been said many times before the most joy comes from owning a well-behaved dog and one that is acceptable to society.

While London Dog Forum is clearly based in London, we hope to be of service to dog owners, not only nationally but worldwide therefore we were delighted when Peter Singh asked to be included on our site.  He works not only from this home in Kent but also in Spain for some months of the year and has recently been working in Almeria and Alicante with some of the worse cases of dog abuse he has ever witnessed.

billyinspain.jpg    lola350_1.jpg
Peter's dog, Billy helping a Spanish Podenco to gain confidence.   While his bitch, Lola takes care of the maternal side!
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