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Dog and Cat Grooming


Grooming is essential for both cats and dogs and has numerous health benefits.  Gentle handling and grooming should be introduced to puppies and kittens as part of a regular pet healthcare regime as soon as possible.  This will ensure that the pet will develop a bond with its owner and will also accustom it to being handled by others such as veterinary workers, groomers, kennel and cat boarding assistants thus making life easier for everyone. 

The act of grooming has a stimulating effect on the dog’s skin thus improving coat quality and general health.  It also provides a chance for closely examining the pet’s body to make sure that the skin is healthy, free from parasites, and that there are no strange lumps, bumps or lesions.  A pet that is groomed and bathed regularly is less likely to suffer from irritable skin conditions.  However, the coat is not the only a part of the grooming routine and care of eyes, ears, teeth and claws should be included to prevent infection and discomfort. 

Obviously some dogs and cats are much easier to groom than others.  A greyhound will be less work intensive than a bearded collie for example!  Some breeds require specialist cutting.  Often it can be difficult for an owner of a long-haired breed to groom some of those ‘less easy to reach’ places. Some owners may find the task of grooming too daunting altogether. (I’ve been witness to many a grumpy Persian who has had to be anaesthetised and shaved to a ‘number one’ to remove the matts!).  Some owners can have an allergic reaction when grooming their pets or may be nervous of cleaning teeth or trimming claws. 

Help is at hand!  Professional groomers are trained to a high standard and have the specialist equipment to make sure that the job is done to perfection with the minimum amount of stress to your pet.  However, we do suggest that you either get ‘word of mouth’ recommendation or visit the grooming parlour yourself.  Any good groomer will be happy to show you around and will allow you to watch them at work; you can then be assured that proper hygiene is in place and that the grooming process is stress free.

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Grooming at Queens Park Vets
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