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Dobermans Hear Crash and Drag Owners to the Rescue

Posted on Thursday, 22 August 2013 09:33AM by Andi Godfrey


Two Dobermans saved a woman’s life after they heard her car crash from one mile away.

The dogs, Star and Storm were being walked by their owners, Sam Lewis and his sister Emily in the Shropshire countryside when the dogs stopped in their tracks with ears pricked.  They looked at one another and began pulling on their leads to go back from where they had just come.  They dragged their owners for one mile until they reached the site of a car crash where a woman was found trapped under her overturned car.  The young couple called the emergency services and the woman was rescued and taken to hospital.

Sam Lewis, a trainee Army officer said that he and his sister had heard nothing but the dogs’ behaviour was so out of the ordinary that they felt they had to follow them.  As they turned the corner they saw the Ford Ka upturned and Sam went to investigate whether anyone was alive before calling for help.

The woman who was involved in the accident is recovering in hospital with a serious back injury while the dogs are being hailed as heroes.

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