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Cat's Life Saved by Donor Dog

Posted on Tuesday, 27 August 2013 11:19AM by Andi Godfrey


A dog blood donor saved the life of a cat after it had eaten rat poison in a pioneering cross-species blood transfusion.

Cat owner, Kim Edwards saw her ginger tom, Rory go limp and collapse and immediately rushed him to a vet in Tauranga on the North Island of New Zealand where she lives.  

Vet, Kate Heller established that Rory had ingested rat poison but there was no time to send off a blood sample to find him a match.

Knowing she was taking an enormous risk, Kate decided that the only course of action was to contact a friend who had volunteered her black Labrador, Macy as a blood donor.  Had the blood types not been compatible, the cat would have died instantly but fortunately it was a match and Rory made a speedy recovery.  

Many people might believe this action to have been foolhardy but had Kim not taken a gamble Rory would have died, and by giving him the transfusion there was a chance that his life would be saved.

Relieved owner, Kim joked afterwards that Rory had not picked up any canine habits and she was delighted with the outcome.

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