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Battersea Dogs and Cats Home

From Battersea Old Windsor to the Isle of Wight for long-stay Wiggles
30 August 2013

Wiggles with Janel and Kenneth Whitehead

The wait is finally over for Wiggles the Jack Russell Terrier who has found a home in the Isle of Wight after spending more than 270 days at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home in Old Windsor.

The cheeky three year old took a two-hour trip by car and ferry to his new home in Sandown with owners Janet and Kenneth Whitehead last week. Wiggles – who spent almost eight times the average 35 days a dog spends at Battersea – was moved from a Welsh rescue centre to Old Windsor in November 2012 with a chronic skin condition. But after months of treatment from Battersea vets, he was ready to start his new life with Janet and Kenneth in their apartment near the beach.

Janet said: “We saw Wiggles on Battersea’s website and he was exactly what we were looking for. Our Patterdale Terrier Madge, who we had for 14 years, passed away earlier this year, and we knew we could never replace her but we missed having a dog. We drove all the way to Battersea Old Windsor and instantly fell in love.

“Wiggles was perfect for us, he was as good as gold on his journey home and has already settled in. We are so grateful to the staff and volunteers at Battersea who have taken wonderful care of him and turned him into the loveable, cheeky dog he is today.”

Wiggles was also cared for by foster carers during his time at Battersea to teach him what home life should be like, house training and how to mix with other dogs. Battersea is always appealing for fosterers to provide a home environment for dogs and cats who might not cope well with the stress of being in kennels.

Vicky Snook, Battersea Old Windsor’s Senior Rehomer, said: “Wiggles is a very lucky boy to have found such lovely owners at last, and it sounds like he is going to have the happy life he deserves with long walks on the beach and lots of love and attention. He came to us in a terrible condition and had a very difficult start to life, but even though he spent over nine months with Battersea, his foster family made sure he had a lovely time waiting for his new home.”

Battersea creates big dog bedroom in park
28 August 2013


A giant dog bedroom in the centre of Battersea Park will be kitted out in style for weary hounds to take the weight off their paws at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Annual Reunion next month.

The world-renowned rescue centre is appealing to animal lovers to bring good quality dog blankets to its free family fun day on Sunday 8 September in Battersea Park for the special canine chill-out zone. Blankets donated by visitors will also be used to warm Battersea’s furry residents over the winter months.

At the event - sponsored by Petplan - visitors will be able to let their dogs take a break in the doggy deluxe bedroom, which will have dozens of dog beds, refreshments, shade and luxurious comfort for the happy hounds.

Katie Yanetski, Battersea’s centre manager, said: “The Annual Reunion attracts thousands of dogs and owners every year, and with all the excitement of the dog classes, agility displays and family activities, sometimes we all need to take a little break! The blankets will not only be enjoyed by dogs on the day but they will also be used by future Battersea residents who are brought to the centre in the cold winter months. If anyone can spare any bedding, it would greatly help to keep our dogs’ paws toasty while staying at Battersea.”

One dog who really benefited from having many blankets around her was Twinkle the Lurcher. She arrived in February 2013 after being found tied to the gates of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on one of the coldest nights of the year. She was so weak and emaciated that she had collapsed and was carried into a kennel where she was given warm bedding, food and water.

Twinkle won her place in the heart of the nation when she appeared in the second series of the ITV1 series about Battersea, Paul O’Grady: For The Love Of Dogs. A number of stars from the ITV series will be at the Annual Reunion Fun Day this year to show off their new happy owners in a special parade in the main ring. There will also be 12 dogs classes, including Prettiest Lady, Golden Oldie and a special Battersea’s Got Talent competition, agility displays and four-legged parades from 11am to 4.30pm.

Battersea is happy to accept any bedding and staff will carefully check each blanket for any rips and loose buttons before adding them to the dog bedroom. Bella, a two year old Jack Russell Terrier, who was brought into Battersea as a stray in May, is one dog who will benefit from the blanket donations from the Annual Reunion. They will give her that warm feeling while she waits for the perfect home away from the inner city with experienced dog owners.

Blankets can be brought to the Annual Reunion and Fun Day, and handed to Battersea staff and volunteers at the chill out area. There will also be a special ‘Staffies. They’re Softer than you think’ tent, where visitors will also be able to find out more about Battersea’s campaign to show the true friendly nature of Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Anyone unable to attend the Annual Reunion and Fun Day is welcome to bring the blankets to any of Battersea’s three centres, and directions are available at

Battersea's TV star dog Nancy looking for new home
Monday 26 August 2013


Nancy, a three year old Labrador cross who starred in ITV’s latest Paul O'Grady series about Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, finds herself back at the rescue centre after her new owner very tragically passed away. 

Nancy captured the hearts of millions of viewers when her compelling story was broadcast on ITV's Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs in July – from arriving at Battersea heavily pregnant and a very anxious stray, giving birth in Battersea's clinic to seven adorable puppies, and finally finding a loving new home. 

Although the average stay for dogs at the charity is just 35 days, Nancy was cared for at the Home for over four months, going through her pregnancy and looking after her pups. Nancy's story started as a stray north of London but she had many fans during her time at Battersea, none more so than Battersea’s Ambassador Paul O’Grady, who got to know her well during the filming of the award winning series.

TV viewers also saw how poor Nancy and her pups were really unlucky, when they came down with Parvovirus, a disease that can be prevented by adequate vaccinations.  Thanks to round the clock care by Battersea’s dedicated veterinary team, Nancy and her pups pulled through, blossoming into happy, healthy dogs.

Liz McWalter, Head of Dog Intake at Battersea says: “Nancy is a wonderful dog, who’s had a tough time during her early life, yet in spite of everything she remains so gentle, loving and trusting. She was hugely popular at Battersea and a real star in our second series of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs. But it’s sad to see her back with us after her owner passed away.  We’re confident she’ll soon find a new home.”

If you can give Nancy her lucky break  please contact Battersea Dogs & Cats Home on 020 7622 3626 or visit

Calling all talented canines for Battersea’s Got Talent

19th August 2013

Bertie the Basset Hound

Dogs with the bow wow factor can show off their home-grown talent at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s Annual Reunion next month.

The world-renowned rescue centre is inviting dog lovers to bring their clever canines to Battersea Park on Sunday 8 September to showcase their four-legged skills and practiced tricks in a new Battersea’s Got Talent competition. After three heats, the talent contest’s winner will be crowned in front of the thousands of spectators in the main ring at the annual family fun day sponsored by Petplan.

The free event - in its 19th year - attracts thousands of visitors and their dogs to meet new furry faces and reunite with Battersea kennel buddies, staff and volunteers. There will also be dog classes including Handsomest Dog and Golden Oldie, and lots of fun-filled family activities, games and entertainment.

Nathalie Ingham, Battersea’s Canine Welfare Trainer, said: “From singing Staffies to dancing Dachshunds, we are looking for any dog with any sort of trick, no matter how skilled or silly, to join us for Battersea’s Annual Reunion. We are so excited to see our Battersea supporters there, and to meet new animal lovers who have come for a fun free day out with their beautiful dogs. Events like these are also great opportunities to raise funds for the Home, which enable us to carry on caring for thousands of dogs and cats in need of our help each year.”

One revelling rover who hopes to show off his singing skills at the Annual Reunion’s Battersea’s Got Talent competition is Bertie the Basset Hound. The tuneful two-year old has been using his singing skills to build an audience outside his kennel since being handed into Battersea last month because his owner couldn’t cope.

London Irish Rugby Club helps Battersea dogs score new homes
8 August 2013

Digger with Staffie, Rosie

London Irish Rugby Club has teamed up with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Old Windsor to find the centre’s furry residents new homes.
The rugby club has offered to feature regular rehoming slots in their match day programmes which go out to more than 4,000 supporters across the Thames Valley. Digger the Irish wolfhound, the rugby club’s mascot, visited the dogs in the Priest Hill rescue centre to launch the new partnership on Monday. The first rehoming slot will feature in the programme published on 21 September.
Kaye Mughal, Centre Manager said: “We are very pleased the London Irish Rugby Club is helping us rehome our dogs from the Old Windsor centre and we hope it won’t be long before dogs like Wiggles the Jack Russell Terrier find a new home with the help of Digger the Irish wolfhound. Every opportunity to shout about the amazing dogs and cats we have ready to be rehomed here is greatly appreciated.”
One year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier Rosie, had her picture taken with Digger to celebrate the new rehoming slots feature. Playful Rosie, who was found as a stray, like 46 per cent of dogs that come into Battersea, is looking for experienced owners who have time to train her excitable character.

A spokesperson for London Irish said: “We are delighted to be associated with Battersea Old Windsor. They are a fantastic organisation and if we are able to help rehome some of the dogs and cats that they are looking after through our match day programme features then that will be fantastic.”

Battersea appoints new Director of Human Resources
31 July 2013


Bryony Glenn has been appointed as Director of Human Resources at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home.

Bryony will have overall responsibility for the creation and delivery of the Home’s human resources and people strategy. Building on the solid foundations the organisation already has, Bryony will also ensure the charity has the capability and capacity to deliver its ambitious strategy and growth plans.

Claire Horton, Chief Executive of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home said: "I am thrilled that Bryony is joining our team, especially at this really busy and exciting time. Her wealth of experience is exemplary and Bryony shares my deep commitment to developing our people and one of her top priorities is to really get behind our training, learning and development programmes."

Bryony joined Battersea on Monday 22 July, and is looking forward to bringing her in-depth knowledge and expertise to the role.

With over 20 years’ experience at senior management level in human resources and development in the not for profit, public and commercial sectors, Bryony started her career in HR at Marks & Spencer before becoming Head of Human Resources at Big Lottery Fund and Director of Human Resources and Development at Merlin, a major UK based international health charity providing lifesaving assistance to more than 15 million people in 20 countries affected by natural disaster, conflict or disease. Bryony is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Commenting on her new role, Bryony said: "I’m really excited to be joining Battersea and to have the opportunity to support and enable further development, focussing on the Home’s most important asset – its people. I'm really looking forward to becoming an active member of the team and an ambassador for Battersea".

Yorkie has radical transformation at Battersea
24 July 2013


Tia, the Yorkshire terrier before and after

Tia the Yorkshire Terrier cross is almost unrecognisable from the dog she was just over a week ago. The four year old stray underwent a transformation from shaggy to sleek under the care of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and is now seeking a new home where she can remain in tip top condition.

As Tia was handed in as a stray Battersea does not know how the  little Terrier  got into such a terrible condition. Tia’s coat was so badly matted and the long fur had become tangled and dirty. Fortunately she was healthy underneath all the hair.  Battersea’s vet nurses bathed and groomed her, filling an entire bucket with her excess fur, and now Tia looks like a different dog.

Sean Welland, Intake and Assessing Team Leader at Battersea said: “Tia’s coat was in such an overgrown and matted state when she arrived at Battersea. This coupled with the fact she was found wandering the streets, must have been very stressful for her. Under our care she’s begun to show her real personality, and the sprightly little dog that was obscured by so much hair is really starting to shine through. Tia is affectionate and good fun, and we're just awaiting a new owner to take her to a new home where she can enjoy lots of TLC.”

Battersea takes in any dog and cat regardless of its age, breed, temperament or medical condition. Last year the charity took in 2372 stray dogs, many of which were in a poor condition needing medical attention or treatment for skin conditions or the signs of neglect.

The charity believes that more and more people are taking on animals without realising the costs involved in caring for them and urges potential owners to properly research their responsibilities before taking on a new dog or cat.

Battersea offers free dog microchipping at Uxbridge Metro Bank
22 July 2013

Uxbridge Metro Bank will play host to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home’s free dog microchipping events taking place 3-4 August between 11am and 3.30pm at The Pavilions Shopping Centre. 

The world renowned animal charity has joined forces with Metro Bank for the past two years, taking some of its dog rehoming or free microchipping services into London’s communities. Metro Bank customers and local residents are encouraged to pop along to Uxbridge Metro Bank and take advantage of Battersea’s offer to chip their dog for free.

Battersea is supporting the Government’s announcement earlier this year that all dogs in England must be microchipped by April 2016 as the move will help dog owners be reunited with their lost pet quickly and easily.

At present more than 65 per cent of all dogs arriving at Battersea are not microchipped, making it difficult and sometimes impossible to successfully reunite lost dogs with their owners.

Dee McIntosh, Director of Communications at Battersea Dogs & Cats Home said: “Many dog owners don’t realise how helpful a chip, the size of a grain of rice, can be.  Having an owners contact details at hand removes the chance that they may lose their dog. Microchipping is the only permanent way of identifying your pet, and it ensures that any lost animal can be reunited with its owner as quickly as possible. It takes no time at all and simply involves inserting a chip without your dog taking much notice. So Battersea is keen dog owners will take the time to get it done.”

The Battersea team at Uxbridge Metro Bank will also be on hand to offer free advice on responsible dog ownership. The event follows in the footsteps of its successful dog 'adoptathons' held at Metro Bank branches in Bromley, Borehamwood, Croydon, Kensington & Uxbridge.

Bracknell family come to the rescue of Battersea’s loneliest dog
Friday 19 July 2013


Battersea’s longest stay dog has been given a second chance thanks to the Watkins family from Bracknell, Berkshire, ending his year-long stay at Battersea Brands Hatch in Kent.

The Staffordshire Bull Terrier named Alfie was at the leading animal charity a staggering 414 days, almost 12 times longer than the average stay for a dog. Like 46 per cent of dogs that come to Battersea, five year old Alfie was brought in because his owners could no longer care for him.
Alfie spent time in four different foster homes to give him extra attention because he couldn’t cope with the kennel environment. This shows how vital foster carers are and what they can do for dogs like Alfie that are struggling at Battersea. After a desperate appeal from celebrity and Battersea Dogs & Cats Home Ambassador Paul O’Grady, Alfie’s luck changed when he caught the eye of Tracy and Dale Watkins.

Tracy explains: “Our last Staffie of fifteen years sadly passed away and we didn’t think we’d ever find a dog to fill that gap. But we started looking on the Battersea website and noticed Alfie – we knew he was at the right place at the right time. We particularly wanted an older Staffie, we just love them but as a breed they are so often misunderstood.”

Tracy continues: “We met Alfie and had a connection with him instantly. I just can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t want him for so long. He’s such a wonderful ambassador for the breed – polite, playful and brilliant with children and other dogs. We’re so happy with him, he is definitely an established part of the family and we’ve only had him two weeks when it feels like forever.”

Alfie is just one of the 800 dogs and cats that Battersea Brands Hatch takes in every year. Richard King, Centre Manager at Battersea Brands Hatch says: “Alfie had a tough time in kennels so we’re very happy he’s found a home.  Unfortunately some dogs can stay with us for a long time, but there’s no time limit on how long we care for a dog. Alfie’s wait has certainly paid off as he’s found a fantastic family to share his life with.”

Battersea dogs stay cool as they enjoy the warm weather
11 July 2013

Max cooling down in the pool  

Indi enjoying a dog ice

Indi and Max, Battersea’s canine residents, have enjoyed keeping cool this week by splashing in the outdoor paddling pool and licking home-made ice lollies for dogs made by mixing their food with some water and freezing it in plastic cups.

As Britain basks in the sunshine, these are easy ways to help keep pets cool in the hot weather.

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