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All Dogs Matter

In 2008, ‘All Dogs Matter’ (ADM) was founded by three friends with a common interest in dog welfare who were aware of the growing demand for dog rescue services.  It became a registered charity in November 2009 and a year later an office was acquired.  Prior to that time, the staff operated solely from mobile phones and computers without having an official base. 

The charity’s chairman is actor, Peter Egan, who has both adopted and fostered from the charity and is thoroughly impressed with the accomplishments of these hard-working individuals who between them home an average of 135 dogs a year.

All Dogs Matter (ADM) rescues and rehomes dogs in and around London and the surrounding areas from pounds or from owners who no longer can or want to keep a dog.  Like most rescues in urban areas, a high percentage of their homeless dogs are Staffordshire bull terriers, plus recent rehomings have included 2 Bichon Frisees, several Jack Russell terriers, a Labrador, a Cocker spaniel and a West Highland White. Apparently it is the good old-fashioned mongrel that is a rarity these days.  

The headquarters of ADM is a narrow shop in Highgate.  Behind the glass frontage there is a hive of activity with phones constantly ringing and computers continually pinging with the arrival of yet another e-mail.  Resident dogs and those being fostered wag their tails to greet any visitors.  On the occasion of my visit on behalf of LDF, I was charmed by a Chihuahua/ Jack Russell Terrier cross and although I am not usually a small dog person, I was very tempted to give little chap a home!

Azac who has now been reserved

Seated behind the desks are Michelle Hurley, Ira Moss, Executive Manager and Cecilia Istria-Dorland, Company Secretary.  These are the leading lights of the charity but one gets an overall feeling of democracy amongst the dedicated staff and volunteers who work there, each of whom are using their own specific talent to do what matters –take care of the welfare of dogs! 

When ADM first started out, there was no real structure, just a bunch of tenacious individuals who, knowing that the rescue centres were full made it their business to find homes for unwanted dogs through sheer perseverance and hard work.  Many of the dogs they rehomed were from the website Gumtree, most were Staffie or Staffie Crosses. 

Michelle commented, “An urban rescue centre that isn’t dealing with at least 90% Staffies is not doing their job properly.”

By now, David Ward had joined us.  David is mainly head of campaigns and has worked in animal welfare for over twenty years.  He is incredibly well versed on the problems of strays, the difficulty in placing them and the scams of those out to make a fast buck from dogs.  LDF are looking forward to a future association with David regarding dog welfare.

The problem of strays has never been greater and is purely the result of monetary greed.  A few years ago a Staffie would fetch good money on the streets, £200 a pup maybe more, but these days a dealer is lucky to get £20, and many pups cannot be given away.  The dogs that used to be snapped up for fighting or status value by young males are now being taken on by people who think  it is a fun, social thing to do but have not  researched the breed properly.  Generally they intend no harm but are ignorant about dog ownership and soon discover that keeping a dog is hard work and costly. 

Each person working at All Dogs Matter has their own horror story to relate of dogs being thrown out of cars having lost their usefulness 3 weeks after giving birth, pups with false paperwork being sold online, no guarantees that a pup is what it is said to be until 6 months of age, pups turning out to be banned breeds, people being duped into thinking they are buying a pedigree designer dog that far from what it is supposed to be, and in one particular case, not a dog at all!  The tales are endless.

The population explosion of unwanted dogs means that rescue centres having a ‘no kill’ policy are always full, and those that do not, have a huge number of dogs waiting on death row.

All Dogs Matter try their upmost to help the dogs that cannot be placed and boast a phenomenal success rate in their rehoming activities, however  they are also aware that a complete lack of education surrounding dog ownership is one of the key factors to blame for the current population explosion in unwanted dogs. 

Educational Programmes

One wonders when watching these dedicated people at work how they find time for anything more than rehoming but with the support of Haringey Council, they organise educational visits to local schools to promote dog welfare and responsible dog ownership.  High on the agenda is the importance of neutering and why uncontrolled breeding must not be encouraged.  They inform on the problem of dangerous dogs and fighting dogs.  They discuss micro-chipping, pooper scooping and dog husbandry.  Ira mentioned how much pleasure the children got out of these talks and described how even nervous children were happy to pet the visiting dog by the end of the session.

All Dogs Matter are always happy to make educational visits to schools and youth organisations knowing that knowledge is the key to reducing the problem of unwanted dogs that exists today. 

How You Can Help?

Foster carers – ADM are always I search of foster homes where dogs can be temporarily housed until a permanent home is found

Drivers – People with a full license that are willing to voluntarily transport dogs around London and within the M25 area

Homecheckers – People to visit the potential homes to check that they are suitable for dogs.

Doggy items always needed–collars, leads, food, beds, crates etc.

Donations are always welcome.


Below is just a sample of some of the gorgeous dogs that are currently looking for good homes.

vinnie.jpg        marmaduke.jpg       honeylabx.jpg      bluestaffm.jpg
The adorable Vinnie                Delightful pup Marmaduke        Luscious Lab X Honey             Beautiful Blue

Click directory listing below to find out more about these dogs and others:

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Dog Rescue and Rehoming in and around London. All Dogs Matter is a registered charity. We are a voluntary dog rescue based in London. Our aim is to rescue and rehome dogs in and...
All Dogs Matter
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