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Activities For Dogs And Owners

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Keeping a dog can be more than a walk in the park! There are plenty of activites you can take part in together and you don’t need to own a Cruft’s champion to take part! 

For example, some of the more common activities are agility, where dogs run through a series of obstacles with their owner running alongside giving instructions, heelwork to music where an owner learns to do dance routines with their dog like 'Tina and Chandi' and  flyball where a dog, which is a member of a team, races over a series of hurdles, releases a tennis ball from a box at the end, catches the ball and returns over the hurdles with the ball in its mouth.

Working breeds tend to need more exercise and mental stimulation than other breeds and taking up such activities often improves overall behaviour .  However most dogs enjoy a bit of a challenge and it is not difficult to adapt such activities to the needs of particular breeds. 

A good trainer will always adapt an agility course for example to an individual dog’s ability and fitness and many dogs will enjoy racing through tunnels even if they can’t manage climbing the A frame!

Of course these sporting activities will keep the owners fit too, and, as they require teamwork, they will help to increase the bond between human and canine partner!  

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* Agility photos courtesy of Halo Dogs

If you run any of these activities and are interested in a listing, please contact for advice on are special yearly rates. 

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