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About Us

London Dog Forum aims to provide essential information to all dog owners and in doing so hopes to encourage responsible dog ownership, improve dog welfare and enhance the enjoyment of the man/dog relationship.  Our articles on health, welfare, training and behaviour and the human/animal interaction will be of interest to dog owners worldwide, as will our more light-hearted categories and celebrity interviews.  Being based in London, our site is keen to promote this great city as a dog friendly place in which to live and visit and in doing so hopes to let our users share some of the capital’s best kept secrets.  However, we are not exclusive, and are not averse by any means to hearing about dog friendly places and services outside of the city.  As we build the dog loving community online we intend to include dog information from all over England and Europe.

All advisory articles are written by highly qualified specialists that have vast experience in their particular fields.  Our team consists of veterinary surgeons, animal scientists, animal behaviourists and journalists that specialise in animal subjects.  We eagerly invite all our users to contribute to our site by providing us with any relevant dog information or questions on any dog-related subject.  Open dog forum is designed to let our users have their say on any canine subject and we will publish any article proposed for this category providing it is not libellous or offensive.

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Our policy is to give every support to dog welfare, dog rescue and dog charitable organisations and all listings under these categories will remain absolutely free of charge.  This also applies to Emergency Services supplied to dog owners.

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